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DECENT GO: New Features to Bring New Users


DECENT has released an update for its own distribution platform, DECENT GO, including two new features and a host of improvements and fixes.

New Feature: Users Can Buy DCT from DGO Wallet with Changelly

DECENT GO now has a payment gateway built into their Wallet! That’s right, it is now possible to use a 3d-secure credit card to buy DCT through Changelly, straight from the user’s wallet. This move significantly reduces the barrier to entry for new users and increases the options for existing users. Ultimately, this will help DGO to grow and begin generating that “network effect.”

New Feature: User’s can now publicly display an “Author Profile” (previously only visible to the author)

The second new feature gives those that upload and sell content the ability to publicly display their Author Profiles. This will help potential customers identify and evaluate content and get to know sellers prior to making a purchase.

DECENT GO is still in beta and relies on early adopters for suggestions and feedback to improve and refine the application. Based on user testing and feedback a number of issues have been addressed with this update.

Fixes and Improvements

Several upload content errors were reported and have been fixed thanks to user feedback. Searches are now more effective and can now be filtered by selecting subcategories. The UI/UX continues to be refined, this update separates Genre from Category for clarity and authors can no longer buy their own content. Item preview images and profile pics now support higher resolutions and up to a 5MB file size.

DECENT GO is sure to grow now that DCT is easier to access than ever before, and with more users the potential of the marketplace grows. While enabling easier access to DCT might not seem like such a leap for those well verse in crypto, the potential to bring blockchain to the mainstream should not be underestimated.


DECENT GO is a decentralized digital marketplace for buying and selling digital creations in any format, without third-party controls. DGO utilizes a proprietary blockchain, built by DECENT, to provide a direct sales model between authors (content creators) and consumers. Users can rate and review content while authors leverage their community to build their brand and a life-long reputation.

About DCT

DCT or Digital Content Token is an essential element of DECENT. This purpose-built crypto-token runs on a Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm which allows for safe efficient trading. DCT is the primary currency for buying and publishing content on DECENT GO and funds the miners and seeders that maintain the network.

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