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KuCoin Acknowledges Strong Community Support with $10 Million Airdrop Reaffirms Strength and Commitment As the ‘People’s Exchange’


KuCoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, expressed gratitude to its community by announcing a US$10 million airdrop in Bitcoin (BTC) and KuCoin Shares (KCS).

The initiative aims to compensate its users for the support shown in response to recent withdrawal delays experienced by some users on March 26th and 27th. It also underscores KuCoin’s commitment to be the ‘People’s Exchange’ and provides assurance to users about the platform’s operational integrity.  

In an open letter issued on KuCoin’s blog earlier today, KuCoin’s CEO, Johnny Lyu, shared heartfelt appreciation to its users for their support, trust, and patience, emphasising that their users’ trust has enabled the exchange to not just overcome every challenge, but to provide a stronger offering. It remains dedicated to the security of user assets and adherence to regulatory standards. 

Highlighting KuCoin’s growth alongside the crypto industry’s volatility, Lyu reaffirmed the platform’s mission to grow with the crypto sector, continuing its role in driving awareness and adoption, whilst maintaining a user-centric approach focused on trust, education and accessibility.  

Reflecting on KuCoin’s early days and how it earned recognition as the ‘People’s Exchange,’ Lyu recounted KuCoin’s unprecedented move to acquire and compensate users when they encountered an abnormal delisting of a CFD project in October 2017. Lyu also noted that being known as the ‘People’s Exchange’ remains a key highlight for the firm and is an honour that the company is proud of.

Further details regarding the airdrop event, including how to participate and when the benefits will be distributed, will be communicated through KuCoin’s official channels in the coming days. 

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