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Southeast Asia Blockchain Week (SEABW) 2024 Brings Synergy to Southeast Asia: April 22nd-28th


Everything you need to know about South East Asia Blockchain Week (SEABW)

Southeast Asia Blockchain Week, showcasing the future of web3 in Southeast Asia, is bringing blockchain and web3 synergy across the region’s diverse landscapes. Following the success of Korea Blockchain Week and India Blockchain Week, this inaugural week-long conference is organized by ShardLab and Korea’s leading Web3 VC fund, Hashed, to showcase innovative blockchain projects in SEA, offering live demos and insights into the region’s creativity.

SEABW is bringing together leading regional institutional leaders, web3 gamers, builders, ecosystems, media and brands to explore the latest in Web3 technology in Southeast Asia and beyond. SEABW will include roughly 150+ speakers and various side events and activations which will foster collaboration amongst Southeast Asia and the global blockchain communities.

SEABW’s Main Conference

April 24-25th, True Icon Hall

  • The main two-day conference is the SEABW headline event. Hosted by ShardLab and Hashed, this conference brings together the industry’s leading minds and trailblazers to explore AI, gaming, finance, web3 enterprise adoption, innovative apps, user acquisition, blockchain infrastructure, and real world applications. SEABW offers an insider’s view into the latest news, trends, and future prospects in the region.
  • The agenda boasts over 150 speakers including Arak Sutivong, Deputy CEO at SCBX, one of Thailand’s largest financial institutions, Yoann Turpin, Co-Founder at Wintermute, a leading global algorithmic trading firm in digital assets, and Kelvin Koh, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at The Spartan Group, Asia’s leading blockchain advisory and asset management firm.
  • Two events that will take place during the main conference include: Demo Day, which will showcase the most sought-after Southeast Asian projects, and provide an opportunity to meet and connect with the early-stage startups based in Southeast Asia,, and Game Day, co-hosted by YGG, which will feature the most highly sought-after projects in the blockchain gaming space, and also hold game tournaments for several pre-selected games.

A myriad of side events complement the main conference to provide a dynamic blend of networking and exploration, catering to diverse interests within the blockchain ecosystem.

  • On Monday, April 22nd, Token X will host the Tokenization Summit, Thailand’s first tokenization seminar, to lay the foundation for Thailand’s digital asset ecosystem and to help businesses navigate new industry growth models in response to emerging technologies.
  • On Friday, April 26th, Saison Capital, Evertas, Helix, and D3Labs host ONCHAIN 2024, Asia’s first real world asset conference which brings together influential figures from traditional finance, fintech, and web3 for panel discussions and networking opportunities.

A Global Spotlight on Crypto in South East Asia

Southeast Asia, comprising Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia, boasts four countries ranking in the global top 10 for crypto adoption. With nearly 700 million residents, the region is not only fostering a dynamic ecosystem but is also recognized as one of the world’s fastest-growing populations, driving international growth, innovation, and key developments in the crypto space.

“As we see more and more Web2 enterprises enter the South East Asia region, we are standing at the forefront of the global crypto revolution, supporting and embracing prominent web2 enterprises into a web3 renaissance,” said Hojin Kim, CEO ShardLab. “This transformation is fueled by a vibrant, sustainable, and rapidly advancing region here in Southeast Asia. As we are navigating the nuanced dynamics of crypto, we look forward to bringing the industry together to celebrate this progress.”

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About ShardLab:

ShardLab is the innovation arm of Hashed, a leading global Web3 venture capital firm based in Asia. Beyond ideas, we actively build ecosystems and collaborations to bring innovative disruptions using Web3 technology. Our vision extends to fostering mass adoption of Web3 in Southeast Asia, making technology accessible, and empowering communities in this dynamic digital frontier.

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