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About Bitcoin Garden

Bitcoin Garden is a Social Network of bitcoin/altcoin news. The center of the community is the Bitcoin Garden Forum, a very active bulletin message board where you can get in touch with a lot of altcoin developers and crypto enthusiasts. The forum is well known in the altcoin communities for its stunning altcoin giveaways. A growing number of important coins entered into important exchanges thanks to the support of the Bitcoin Garden community.

The network also include a blog/news aggregator with frequent updates on bitcoin/altcoin news. That blog is the oldest part of the network and was launched on October 2013. The flagship of the network is the Bitcoin Garden Twitter Account, followed by 100K crypto fans. We also have a news feed on our Facebook Page. Latest addition is the Bitcoin Garden Daily News, daily updated online newspaper.

About the Owner:

Secco, the owner and administrator of Bitcoin Garden Blog and Bitcoin Garden Forum, is a skilled & experienced webmaster and online marketer. He had been playing with new technologies since the age of 12 when he started to write his first programs on the Commodore systems, at the begin of the 80′s. During the 90′s he worked as software developer in a digital mapping and geographical information systems company. In the year 2000, at the begin of the Internet era, he started his own IT company and since then he is still working full time on website development and Internet marketing. Hacktivist, digital rights supporter and free speech evangelist, felt in love with the Bitcoin technology at the end of the year 2012.

About the promo services:

Bitcoin Garden offers a wide variety of services for altcoin promotion. We can help your coin gaining visibility on Twitter, helping it entering exchanges, etc. We do this at a professional level, we have a proven experience and a lot of success stories to tell. You can get more info here.