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ArbitrageScanner – Exclusive Side Event in Dubai. Best Cryptocurrency Trading Tools – How to make money on the crypto bull market?


Join ArbitrageScanner Event in Dubai this April where opportunities abound! is the best service for traders for blockchain analysis and cryptocurrency arbitrage. Experience the pinnacle of trading excellence with ArbitrageScanner, your trusted companion for sophisticated blockchain analysis and lucrative cryptocurrency arbitrage strategies.

Already in April you can join one of the world’s most popular side events from the Arbitrage Scanner – the best instruments for cryptocurrency arbitrage and blockchain analysis. With an unrivaled reputation in its field, ArbitrageScanner boasts hundreds of glowing testimonials from satisfied clients. Last year alone, the team orchestrated three major events in Dubai, Istanbul, and Bangkok, drawing crypto luminaries, ArbitrageScanner patrons, and web3 influencers from across the globe.

This year, the series kicks off in Dubai on April 17th and 18th.

The event’s primary objective is to convene the premier community of industry leaders, fostering discussions on the most pertinent topics, from practical strategies for profit-making to insightful market analyses. This exclusive side event is reserved solely for ArbitrageScanner clients, proprietors of billion-dollar crypto enterprises, traders with capital exceeding $5 million, and other eminent figures in the industry. With limited seating available, early subscription to the service and ticket reservation are highly recommended.

Details on the website: 

ArbitrageScanner Event: Here’s Why You Can’t Afford to Miss Out!

  • ArbitrageScanner Event promises an unparalleled opportunity to engage with industry luminaries, glean insights into cutting-edge market strategies from seasoned service clients who consistently rake in substantial profits.
  • Joining this event means immersing yourself in a powerhouse community, forging invaluable connections, and absorbing practical wisdom from top traders and insiders. Dive deep into lucrative case studies, including those leveraging blockchain analysis, as both the service team and clients divulge indispensable knowledge to help you navigate the market with precision, identify profitable wallets, and capitalize on them.
  • Prepare for two days of intensive networking set against the backdrop of a laid-back ambiance. Engage in lively discussions on current market trends while unwinding in the lavish surroundings of one of Dubai’s grandest villas, indulging in refreshments and shisha.
  • Gain profound insights into the most pressing topics in the crypto sphere, from mastering cryptocurrency arbitrage and exploiting blockchain anomalies to scouting promising investment projects and executing effective promotional strategies for 2024 and beyond.
  • By participating, you’ll seamlessly integrate into the dynamic ArbitrageScanner community, equipped with state-of-the-art market tools and granted access to future global events, ensuring your continued success in the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency trading.

ArbitrageScanner Event in Dubai – How can you become a participant in the event? 

To gain free entry to the event (on the second day of the event), you must register on the website and complete an application form. The number of places is limited, so please apply in advance. To guarantee your place at the event, you must purchase a subscription to ArbitrageScanner.

Buy a ticket and find out more information about the event: 

If you would like to attend the event for two days (April 17 & 18), we recommend booking the Business Plan (or higher). This is the most cost effective option as you will get full access and be able to participate in the pool networking party, key discussions with crypto leaders and the final after party). The VIP ticket price is $200 (prices will go up closer to the event) and the benefit of the knowledge gained will be many times higher. 

If you are a representative of the media industry (media, influencers), the entrance is free. To get a ticket, you need to contact the ArbitrageScanner team to confirm your request. You need to publish a video or article about our event. A big advantage for you is that you can place an affiliate link on ArbitrageScanner and earn 50% from each purchase.

ArbitrageScanner events are always highly publicized and people from all over the world want to attend. For example, last year they had over +1000 people at their side events that were held as part of major conferences.

ArbitrageScanner: How to make money with cryptocurrency arbitrage and blockchain analysis tools 

Now ArbitrageScanner is the leader in blockchain analysis and cryptocurrency arbitrage tools. If you do a project research, you can find a lot of positive reviews about ArbitrageScanner tools on the Internet: 

  • Customers emphasize the broad functionality tools for wallet analysis and cryptocurrency arbitrage
  • Ability to arbitrage between spot + futures, futures + futures. How does it work? You buy on spot trade, short on another exchange, catch the difference in arbitrage 2-3%, compare prices and get a percentage of financing in parallel. Clients of the service earn from 5-50% per month on the capital. This is a cool tool to make a good profit.
  • Training and practical cases that you receive immediately after subscribing to the program.
  • Closed chat of clients, where you can get insider information about coins, wallets and start earning immediately 
  • The opportunity to recoup the cost of the bot with the help of the ArbitrageScanner affiliate program, which multiplies your profit by 2, as you earn with the help of tools and by promoting your referral link, where you get 50% of each sale. For example, if someone buys a subscription to the bot for 200USD, you will immediately receive 100USD on your account. You can withdraw money at any time with no restrictions and no commissions. You can also find more information about the referral program on the website:
  • ArbitrageScanner’s WhiteLabel will be of interest to anyone who has ever thought about starting their own business. You can buy the product’s ready-made IT solutions to implement them immediately into your turnkey business. The cost is from $19999$ for months of your saved time and effort that you would have spent on creating a similar service. 

The project team often shares their clients’ cases so you can replicate the same strategies and increase your profits. In the ArbitrageScanner Telegram channel or in the blog you can already learn how to earn +300% in a few months by tracking a Tier-3 fund wallet. Or how to earn +9000$ on Meme coin in 1 day also using ArbitrageScanner wallet analysis tools. After subscribing, the team will send you a pool of working cases as well as detailed training on how to use each tool, so you can pay off your subscription to the service in the first few days.

ArbitrageWallet is the best tool for making money, you just see who and how is making money on the blockchain for specific coins, you can subscribe to these wallets, analyze and follow them: for example, the biggest funds, market makers, market insiders, etc. It is currently the best tool on the market to make money, outperforming all its competitors: Nansen, Debank, Arkham and others.

No other service has tools to search for wallets: you can find the wallet of a market insider, a top trader and study his investment strategies. Thanks to artificial intelligence, a user can find absolutely any wallet, even if it was created a few minutes ago. You can also analyze any wallet according to selected parameters. The ArbitrageScanner team often shares the wallets of big traders. For example, Kane Warwick, CEO of Synthetix, joined the list of successful crypto traders with a monthly profit of $11.5 million, equaling a 78.1% increase.

At the event, you will receive insider information from market practitioners that you can immediately apply to your arbitrage or wallet search/analysis. If you’re a beginner and don’t know much about arbitrage, the ArbitrageScanner team will help you take your first steps in blockchain analysis and cryptocurrency arbitrage. You’ll get free training and practical cases to work on, as well as the opportunity to attend an event where you can learn about working strategies in the market. Buy a subscription or try a 1-day trial: 

Advantages of ArbitrageScanner

  • stands out as the premier arbitrage tracking solution, monitoring spreads across various blockchains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Optimism, and more. With support for over 60 exchanges worldwide, both international and local, it offers comprehensive coverage for traders in every region.
  • Distinguishing itself further, is the sole platform that tracks crucial aspects such as blockchain lifespan, network matching, and coin withdrawal capability. Its emphasis on security is notable; being a manual bot, it operates without requiring API requests, ensuring that users’ funds remain inaccessible.
  • To keep users informed in real-time, transaction notifications are dispatched every 2 seconds, ensuring that they stay updated on exchange fluctuations. The platform is accessible through both a real-time web version and a Telegram version equipped with notifications.
  • Additionally, offers an arbitrage screener, identifying profitable opportunities between exchanges and notifying users of potential gains of up to 80% per day without necessitating token purchases. The Arbitrage Message feature provides an exclusive advantage, enabling users to access news before it reaches the wider media, thereby capitalizing on early insights.
  • Moreover, the platform provides access to Arbitrage Wallets, facilitating mass searches and analyses of wallets. Leveraging AI technology, users can locate any wallet, regardless of its creation time. For those opting for the Platinum plan and above, a personal curator is available to assist with bot customization and address any inquiries.
  • As part of its commitment to client success, offers free training and practical case studies, along with entry into an exclusive community of clients for additional support and insights.

How to make money on ArbitrageScanner with arbitrage tools, blockchain analysis and many other topics you can discuss at the Arbitrage Scanner side event. Work with the best trading tools by 

April 17-18, Dubai 

Forthcoming ArbitrageScanner Event promises exclusivity, with a limited number of seats meticulously arranged to ensure optimal comfort for all attendees within the luxurious villa setting. To guarantee your presence among industry luminaries, it’s imperative to secure your seats well in advance. Don’t delay – use ArbitrageScanner tools, reserve your spot now to seize this unparalleled opportunity to connect with leaders in the field!

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