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Battle For Glory With CryptantCrab Primordial NFTs, Set To Release on 19th April


The internationally recognized blockchain-based game CryptantCrab is adding a new chapter to its successful platform with CryptantCrab Prime. The new page in the expanding lore provides players with new opportunities to battle their crustaceans, pitting their crabs against each other.

The launch event, slated for 19 April, sees the Primordials hatch from their eggs. This is accompanied by the already running $5,000 worth of Crab tokens, soon followed by a massive airdrop comprising 3% of the token cap. On top of that, there is an impressive prize pool that has already swelled to 16 ETH, earmarked for the CryptantCrab Prime game launch, fueling its upcoming tournament.

CryptantCrab Prime Enters The Market

CryptantCrab Prime is not a new entrant in the GameFi market. The CryptantCrab first launched in 2018, making it one of the first Web3 games on the market. CryptantCrab was an instant hit with crypto pundits and gamers, with players reaping a combined 32 ETH in prizes during its tournament.

CryptantCrab Prime brings a new chapter to the successful game, featuring more exotic crabs and talents, giving players a chance to repeat the winnings they gained (and more!). Players take control of ancient and powerful crabs with unique abilities in the form of different NFTs. They can then participate in different competitions and missions, pitting their clawed friends in a battle for supremacy and glory.

With the CryptantCrab being migrated to the Arbitrum chain, players (both old and new) can pre-register for the CryptantCrab Prime when it launches. With this, they can get their hands on Primordials, the mystic and powerful crabs from the past. Currently, in their embryonic stage as eggs, the Primordials are set to hatch on 19th April and take on their ancient forms to battle.

Airdrops, Prize Pools and More

The hatching event is not the only thing that players can take advantage of with CryptantCrab Primordials. The Crab Tokens, central to the CryptantCrab Prime ecosystem, are up for grabs. A cool $5,000 worth of the tokens is available during the ongoing pre-registration, which will be distributed to the early participants.

A big chunk of the 1 billion CRAB tokens (3%) is set aside for airdrop when the CryptantCrab Prime game goes online. This means a whopping 30 million CRAB will be dispersed amongst Primordial holders. To make it fair, the tokens will be distributed on an equity basis (amount of Primordials held and their rarity). 

But the cherry on top of all this is the prize pool. Each competition and battle round will see the winners gaining not only experience but gaining profits through CryptantCrab Prime’s play-to-earn model. Currently, the total prize pool has exceeded 16 ETH, and it continues to grow each day.

19th April, 2024: Mark The Date

With the hatching event set for 19th April, there are only a few days before they emerge from their eggs. Dawning a new day in the GameFi world, crypto pundits prepare for its critically acclaimed NFT art, intense battles, and large winnings.

Carrying the same successful formula from its original 2018 CryptantCrab game, the CryptantCrab Prime builds upon it to offer more fun than before. But this time, the game is based on Arbitrum. The L2 network has gained popularity amongst the GameFi community for speed and low transaction cost, making a choice to move from Ethereum to its L2 network sound. The Crab tokens will be fully integrated within the game, acting as a means of value transfer and winnings, including the ability to stake in any future liquidity pools for a passive income.

So don’t let this opportunity slip away. While some Primordials are available on OpenSea and carry the 3% airdrop, pre-registration has the additional benefit of the $5,000 token pool and other incentives. Secure your participation, and unleash your inner crustacean today!

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