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Author Topic: [ANN] NUC - Demonstrating financial support and solidarity to Ukrainians  (Read 137 times)


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NUC is a decentralized all-in-one ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain which is one of the fastest-growing and safest Blockchain protocols.
We aim to be a platform that will be demonstrating financial support and solidarity to Ukrainians.
NUC provides all facilities under a single platform. NUC will be a whole ecosystem that will provide features like Staking, NFT Marketplace, Rewards, Multiple Blockchain in the future, and  NFT holding under a single platform.

We are a team of Ukrainians and the international community from around the world, who is supporting Ukraine and Ukrainians in the War, we seek to rebuild a City in Ukraine financed in crypto with blockchain design first of its kind , we have the best construction companies in the Country and visionary design team with Help of best program developers around the world we can make this the best European modern blockchain City ever created, victory to Ukraine, victory to the west.

NUC Coin will be a whole ecosystem that will launch Holding, NFT, and digital land along with the option to build the same in the physical world. NUC will develop its own unique NFT that will connect to the metaverse, where NFT holders may buy and sell their NFTs. There will be a charge for each sale. People will now be able to own exclusive rights to unique themes, designs, and Virtual land.
The ICO start is projected on 14 April 2022, so stay connected with Newukrainecoin latest updates:

✓ Project Website:
✓ Token Name: New Ukraine Coin
✓ Token Symbol / Ticker: NUC
✓ Token Network / Platform: Ethereum/ ERC20
✓ Public ICO Start Date: 14-April-2022
✓ Public ICO End Date: 15-May-2022
✓ Price Per token: $0.1 USD

Newukrainecoin Social Accounts Links:
Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Telegram | Youtube


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