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Author Topic: StakesX🔥|🔥The first stakeable waves token🔥|🔥Wallet & Removed Waves TX Fee  (Read 453 times)


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A Waves based token which offers an unique token distribution, staking & custom wallet that provides features that you wish Waves had.
Asset ID: HXtwvrpL8qiYCGC2D6WdiWgqQ5qSyQRQWmo9zDJk32ki
Homepage     -     Staking Platform / Wallet     -     Telegram     -     Exchange

Total Supply: 250.000.000
Blockchain: Waves
ID: HXtwvrpL8qiYCGC2D6WdiWgqQ5qSyQRQWmo9zDJk32ki

Staking Rewards (in % daily tokens)
2% Base Percentage

Why Base? You can increase that percentage by using our Affiliate System.
The Base Percentage will decrease over time.

StakesX Wallet
To stake Stakesx you need to keep it in your StakesX Wallet. You can also export your private key, seed and more when you don't want to use it anymore.
You will not have any waves transactions fees, using our Wallet.
Also includes a Faucet.

Waves.Exchange Wallet
The gold standard for all Waves Tokens.

Block Explorers
Waves Explorer


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Now in our exchange you token waves developer, there are several ways to bring your project to market. We have several market forms: Vote Listing, Pay Listing, ICO Listing and Shop Listing. sign in and see which option is best for your project at the
we have 8 market pairs at the moment are them: Waves, Btc, Ltc, Dogecoin, Digibyte, Verge, Cdex and Tron.


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Thanks . I will fill the form now


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