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Author Topic: Important - Mining Promos Board Rules & Info - Please read before posting  (Read 3714 times)


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  • This board is specially designed for you to promote your preferred mining offers. Referral links are allowed. Rules (updated 2019.04.02):

      1 - One company/offer per thread. Title must contain offer name, so searching will be easy.

      2 - No duplicates. Please do not post an offer that has been posted by another user.

      3 - Bumping: only 1 every 48 hours. If you want to bump again, delete the old bump post.

      4 - Proof of payments: collect them all in the 1st or 2nd post. Don't make a new post for every proof. See rule above.

      5 - Do not post list of offers in this board. You can do it in User Opportunities Threads.

      6 - No faucets or other stuff. There are specif boards for those.

      7 - No ponzi/pyramid schemes. Instant ban for violating this rule.

      8 - You can report spam and off-topic using the "Report to moderator" button.

      9 - Do not spam and don't try to smartass your way around these rules!

    (Please note, general forum rules always apply:

    It is worth reminding that mining is a complicate and competitive business. Buying a mining contract is extremely risky, fluctuations in bitcoin price or spikes in mining difficult can easily put those cloud mining companies out of business. If it happens, your money are lost, so think about it before buying one of these contracts.

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