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Author Topic: [ANN]RPICoin (RPI) || STAKING (PoS) | FAST TX | LOW ENERGY USAGE | DAILY LOTTERY  (Read 1384 times)


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Updating ANN Thread: in progress...

PoW vs. PoS




RPI is a 100% PoS coin, the first 150 PoW blocks have been mined to start the staking process.

Algo Scrypt
Type PoS 3.0
Max Supply 5.999.991.337 / 6 Billion RPI
Pre-mine663 Million RPI
Used for bounties & the lottery (Marked at the blockexplorer)
Min Stake Hours 4 hours
Fixed Stake rewards 300 RPI / block
PoS Reward 45% annually
TX Fee 0.0001 RPI
Last PoW block150
New Specifications:
Fork Blockheight Block 600.000
(all the new features (Masternodes etc...) will be activated).
Collateral Masternodes 10Million RPI
PoS Reward Reduced to approx 20-25%
TX Fee Increased to 0.1 RPI
Block Rewards Reduced to 250 RPI / block
Block Time 60 Seconds

Supported: Windows - MacOS - Debian/Ubuntu - RaspberryPi - Android


There is no need to manually add nodes or ip- addresses - all core nodes are hard coded in to the source!
After running the wallet for the first time, it should start syncing in less than a minute


Our team performs our own research based on certain criteria, we try to protect our users as much as possible by auditing exchanges.

Portfolio Tracking

RPICoin is available at Delta & Blockfolio!

What is Aircoins?


What is Crypto Treasures
by Phoneum



Dice Game! (Gambling Platform)

Status:Running in Public Beta!

Crypto <-> FIAT Payment Gateway!

The blockchain is a groundbreaking invention of computer science which lets merchants accept payments
365/24/7 anywhere in the world. Merchants who are running an online business on Wordpress
or Shopify or anything similar can soon start accepting RPICoin and instantly swap RPI to any fiat currency
Status:In Development

Decentralized Marketplace  
a decentralized marketplace on the RPICoin blockchain!
Status:In Development


Our tech roadmap helps us share what we’re working on next and the direction that we’re taking this project in. We decided to come up with something accessible and clear enough to help us open up a practical dialogue with the community. Smaller tasks such as creating guides, automated installation scripts and improving our website are not included on the roadmap.

Please note: The roadmap will be renewed soon - please read our Whitepaper about the different use-cases we work on.
Disclaimer : this roadmap is likely to be subject to future revisions and modifications. It does not represent a promise of development of any sort, but rather an indication of the direction taken by the development team at a given time.

Tasks in progress
Developing the RPIDice platform (Public Beta) released, finalizing project.

New RPICoin Wallet / Codebase - Final Phase
Informing users, exchanges & Partnerships (Maintanance mode update wallets)
Getting listed on Masternode Index websites
Release auto- deploy scripts to run and host a Masternode
Installation guides / automated install scripts

Completed Tasks / Projects
Fully automated RPI lottery bot for Telegram Completed
Re-branding RPI - implement our new logo Completed
Releasing our mobile staking wallet for Android Completed
Publishing our Whitepaper v1.0 Completed
Re-designed website Completed
Telegram lottery / betting bots Completed
Telegram tipping bot Completed
Proceed with the Testnet Completed
Launch Public Beta Completed
Rewriting the codebase Completed (View on
Staking Platform Completed
Defining the date of fork & blockheight Completed
Adding sporks / Masternodes / Collateral and reduce the rewards Completed
Removing the Zerocoin protocol (due to security vulnerability) Completed

Daily lottery

Currently you can participate in our daily lottery in our Telegram Official channel, to get you up and running with staking!
Join the RPI Official Telegram Channel

How to participate in the Daily Lottery

Join our Telegram channel:
Sent a Private Message (PM) to our RPI Lottery Bot on Telegram: @rpilottery_bot
Click on Start and send the following text to the bot: /join

For more commands check the list below

@rpilottery_bot available commands:
Code: [Select]
/join - Join the current lottery
/list - List current participants


TUXCMD just joined the lottery

Current lottery users (3):


The 3x daily winners will be announced in our main Telegram channel.

Bounty Info

To receive coins you can participate and follow the steps in our Telegram Bounty channel:
Join the RPI Bounty Telegram Channel

Preview Windows & OSX Wallet

News / Announcements

Android Staking wallet

As you can see on our roadmap we have planned the release for the Mobile wallet for Q3 2018, the wallet is specifically designed for Android and is currently in private testing.
The android wallet and the mobile staking features are one of the most requested implementation by the community! We are completely confident to provide you with the best experience once we launch our new wallet.

The wallet will support the following features

Mobile Staking
Custom saving location for the wallet.dat
Harcoded seeds to automatically connect to the network
Fully working QT wallet + all standard featureless


Our whitepaper is now available!

The full Whitepaper outlining the direction and vision for the future of RPICoin is now available.
A lot of hard work has gone into the Whitepaper already and as you know defining the direction we want the coin to take is a task we take very serious.
Since we last wrote about this there have been new interesting developments -which will be addressed in the Whitepaper- that will prove RPICoin to be a
powerful use case, an advanced protocol and adds further security to the network.

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Join the Public Beta! Play on RPIDice with real RPICoin's

The RPICoin Team is proud to announce! Currently running in Public Beta


RPICoin $RPI [ANN] Thread

RPIDice is currently in PUBLIC BETA

Be careful don't deposit huge amounts of coins as of yet -
at the current stage bugs and extra security measures are being resolved / implemented.

(Suchs as 2-FA Authentication)


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