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« on: March 17, 2015, 03:28:32 AM »


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NUCLEUS is a laser drilling and coating system suitable for sliding and wearing applications and especially designed for use within the marine, mining, aerospace and petrochemical industries. The innovation maintains and supports the operation of equipment by producing high lubrication continuously over its lifespan, in situations or applications where lubricant is lost or where oil and grease are not suitable.

The NUCLEUS innovation continues to release lubrication from the engraved cell formation which produces a unique combination of the hardwearing properties of Tungsten Carbide and hardened steels and the low co-efficient of the dry film lubricant, vastly improving the corrosion protection.

NUCLEUS is designed to improve the wearing applications of metallic components or where any sliding action of a part is required to function efficiently thus the formulation allows for critical components to be impregnated with dry lubricants, which has the capacity to improve efficiency, reduces friction, fretting and corrosion. Ultimately this increases the lifetime of essential equipment. NUCLEUS is particularly suitable in situations where oil and grease is open to contamination either through harsh environmental scenarios or through problems with existing technologies. The above applications are well suited to mining and steel industries, rotary blade and wheel bearings in the aerospace industries, hydraulic cylinders and gearboxes in the automotive and rail industries, wheel bearings and shafts in tanks, armoured vehicles, diesel engines and turbines within the military and civil aviation and the defence industries. The applications can also be used in the oil and gas industry, wind turbine industry and generally every industry where lubrication and protection of hardened mechanical components is required.

NUCLEUS has the ability to apply a dry lubricant protective coating. Amounting to 50 microns instead of 5-10 microns, which is the present norm for surface coatings. Hardened steels or Tungsten Carbide components under current applications are subject to fretting and corrosion, shortening the lifespan diminishing the effectiveness of the seals used in hydraulic cylinders. Hydrogen in the atmosphere causes embrittlement in hardened steels. The result of which is white etch cracking and scoring. Hydrogen Sulphide, H2S gas can accelerate corrosion on tungsten carbide and hardened steel components. In order to improve this problem NUCLEUS drills cells and fills with PTFE or a range of other dry lubricants including Molybdenum Disulphide or Tungsten Disulphide, which lubricates the areas and parts. This improves the corrosion protection and the coefficient of friction, which offers greater efficiency in existing technologies to any moving part.

NUCLEUS will improve the performance of any rolling element including shafts, cylinders, and bearings and sliding components. The process uses a unique combination of hardened steels or a Tungsten Carbide coating with a relief that is laser engraved into the surface of the materials. The NUCLEUS is the only truly self-lubricating product, which globally outperforms anything currently available on the market.


A typical cell structure is 200 lines per inch, which can be engraved up to 50 microns in depth with a possible volume carrying capacity of 20cm3/m2. This specification appears to be a smooth flat surface when seen with the naked eye and a microscope is required to inspect the cell formation.

The innovation uses a unique laser engraving/drilling system to form a relief into metallic surfaces. These reliefs are engraved into hardened steels and Tungsten Carbide coatings. The dry lubricant is then applied and impregnates the cells. A number of different dry lubricants are available such as Polymer and PTFE variants, Molybdenum Disulphide and Tungsten Disulphide and several other types.

Below is an outline of the production methodology:

1.) Tungsten Carbide is thermally spray coated using a HVOF Thermal Spray Coating System and the hardened steels are heat-treated.

2.) The component is then ground and polished prior to engraving.

3.) The laser then engraves a relief into the Tungsten Carbide coating or hardened Steels.

4.) The component is then super finished.

5.) The last process is coating with a dry lubricant, which is then impregnated into the relief.


The use of HVOF Tungsten Carbide coatings to replace hard chrome plate is a mature technology and has been used for many years within industries. The Tungsten Carbide coating is renowned as a hardwearing surface however it is susceptible to fretting and corrosion issues. The NUCLEUS process into the Tungsten Carbide solves the fretting and corrosion problems.

We have laser drilled and coated many formulations of Tungsten Carbide and hardened steels. The engraved cells have also been filled with many formulations of dry lubricants. The coating of dry film lubricants is also a mature technology. The NUCLEUS combination of a very hard substrate and the impregnation of a dry lubricant makes the innovation unique.


With the use of the NUCLEUS technology, efficiency is optimized.

• Friction is reduced between moving parts where the innovation is applied.

• Corrosion protection is increased on any parts where the innovation is applied.

• Maintenance and damage is reduced with the application of the innovation, this leads to decreases costs of repair.

• This application is suitable for any rolling element such as shafts, rollers and cylinders.

• It can be used on any sliding surfaces.

• This application can also be used for stop and start operations.

• The application can be applied to machinery that operates in high temperature conditions.

• Additional safety is created if used with existing oils and greases.

• Constantly releases dry lubricant as the component is used through its lifespan to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

• This process is superior to soft thin surface dry film lubricant coatings.

• The process can be used on new and existing equipment which will improve the efficiency of the machinery.

• Hard chrome plating is soon to be restricted under the
EU REACH and US OSHA legislation due to the use of highly carcinogenic hexavalent chrome salts. Ultimately the application of this innovation has the potential to replace hard chrome plate.


Global bearing market                             2018       $104.5 billion
Global hydraulic cylinder market        2018       $ 12.5  billion

• We are actively seeking partners in order to secure funding for proof of concept and the testing and trialling of the NUCLEUS products. It is essential to provide evidence of success for the innovation and to attain an ISO accreditation.


This example shows the growth of potential for primary crowdfunders up to a level of a 800% margin.

The reward will be one Nucleus coin for each dollar paid into the crowd funding.

The table assumes that $12 is used to buy coins in each category.

There will be a total of 1,000,000 NUCLEUS coins available. The crypto currency is developed in a regular structure and will be used for the crowd funding campaign to move the product forward.

The coin will be directly linked to the NUCLEUS product and will be used as a payment system for respective clients of the product. As the business gains more radical success the coins value should increase and will be used generally within the confines of the business.

To take part in the crowd funding simple send a portion of Bitcoins to the designated web address along with making us aware of our transaction ID. This can be done through Email, Twitter and private message.

All Bitcoin should be sent through our website:


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