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Author Topic: Direct-Payment-to-Bitcoin From 3600 Banks In Europe!  (Read 860 times)


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Direct-Payment-to-Bitcoin From 3600 Banks In Europe!
« on: November 07, 2014, 11:22:15 PM »
As first in Europe, Danish Bitcoin Exchange CCEDK offers direct payment solution from OBT available from more than 3600 banks in 7 countries, among others UK, Germany, France and Spain.

·         Direct-Payment-to-Account with
CCEDK is now able to offer immediate payment facilities via OBT-banking system, meaning international clients need no more waiting for bank transfers to be cleared before completing a transaction.

Instant payments mean no need to wait for deposits to finally be credited!

No need for SEPA transfers and the delay of 2-5 days to buy Bitcoins, Peercoins or NXT!

You can now deposit funds to CCEDK, having the amount credited instantly, assuming your country supports OBT-banking which is a form of instant pc banking. You authorize a transaction through your bank’s net banking system directly on the payment platform, and it’s done in 15-30 minutes!
OBT, which stands for Online Bank Transfer is a product of UK based Digital Payments Europe Ltd , a 100% subsidiary of Skrill Group, and is similar in structure as Skril Direct. The Skrill Group consists of Skrill, Paysafecard, Payolution and Digital Payments Europe .

To most people buying Bitcoin, Litecoin, Blackcoin, Dogecoin and more, international bank transfer was the normal way to do it, as buying with credit cards is practically impossible. Now it is possible to pay almost as quick as if you did it with your credit card, “says Ronny Boesing, CEO of CCEDK ApS

No more delays on deposits, no more missing out on a good Sell offer! As soon as we get your money in EURO, we send you Bitcoin, NXT, Darkcoin or any of the other 9 crypto currencies listed on our exchange.
·         Direct-Payment-To-Bitcoin with
OBT as the option of instant payment for bitcoins on the partner project will be available for the public begining of next week. CCPAYT was introduced last week as Instant Crypto-to-Bitcoin Exchange supported by the very same 11 Altcoins supporting CCEDK exchange which are as follows: LTC, PPC, DOGE, NXT, BC, RDD, DRK, NBT, BTM, FimK, BTSX.
Let's assume your website currently accepts Bitcoin, but you want exposure to other cryptocurrencies also (because that means more customers for you).
CCPAYT's API solves this. It lets your service receive 11 different cryptocurrencies. They will then be converted instantly to Bitcoin directly into your user’s wallet, and the user is ready to spend some bitcoins if need be!
This means you can now support many cryptocurrencies without extra development work for each currency. No need to manage multiple wallets, blockchain databases, and code branches.
Your website sells goods or services, and takes Bitcoin as payment! You know who you are!
Use the CCPAYT API to let your users pay with Litecoin LTC) or other cryptocurrencies. You'll still get the Bitcoin like before, because CCPAYT will take care of the conversion for you.
Your website accepts Bitcoin deposits (maybe you're a wallet, a gaming site, or an ad network?)
Use the CCPAYT API to let your users deposit Peercoin (PPC) or other cryptocurrencies. It will be auto-converted into Bitcoin. You'll reach new markets and make your customers happy.
Your website sends out Bitcoins to users (maybe you're a faucet, or mining pool, or affiliate program?)
Use the CCPAYT API to give your users the option to receive Nextcoin (NXT) or other cryptocurrencies. This gives you an edge on the competitors.
Presently the CCEDK platform consists of an English Russian, and Chinese interface and by the end of November another 4 languages will be added namely German, Spanish, French, and Danish.
Although supported by an investor group, CCEDK hopes to attract more investors in near future, as a constant urge for development does not come cheap.

It is obvious, that the future lies in an exchange able to show transparency, a safe and secure trading platform, multiple currency pairs and multilingual interfaces allowing the exchange to embrace the world in a personal way, making everyone feel welcome!

It is also clear that such a vision demands a certain support economically, for which reason we invite investors to take part in our ongoing attempt to making a difference in each and every country worldwide!

The 7 countries available for direct payment via the OBT direct payment system are in EUR Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Austria, HUF in Hungary, and GBP in UK.

On the CCEDK trading platform other European countries are able to use SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) with a transaction time of 1-3 days depending on the bank connection used.

On top of that, International Wire transfer is available to the rest of the world in EUR and USD as well as the services from the payment provider Payeer offering deposits and withdrawals in both EUR, USD, RUR and UAH.

About CCEDK APS: is an online Bitcoin exchange based in Denmark, part of the EU. CCEDK offers buy and sell options for digital currencies in a secure environment on the base of 2FA. They offer anonymous trading of some 85+ crypto pairs based on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, Nextcoin, Nubits, Dogecoin, Bitmark, Blackcoin, Darkcoin, Reddcoin, Fimkrypto and BitsharesX, and 50+ Fiat pairs with validation. Payment options are SEPA, instant payment with OBT in EUR and GBP, SWIFT in USD, EUR a.m., and Payeer deposits and withdrawals in USD, EUR, RUR and UAH.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Ronny Boesing, please call +45 36 98 11 50 or e-mail Ronny at [email protected]
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