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Author Topic: [ANN][ICO] Hawkoin – The platform for emerging digital currencies!  (Read 349 times)


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Use of digital currencies has become the most crucial aspect of people’s lives, especially for investors! So, why not have it made further easiest by joining a platform, which enables you to be part of this thrilling adventure in a simple way!

Introducing to you Hawkoin platform, it is going to bring revolutionary changes to the industry!

Hawkoin is a Bitcoin optimizer Crypto Currencies marketplace. It will allow people from all around the globe to safely join, choose, and gain in the Cryptocurrencies world. We are here to open up a crucial route for you with decentralized blockchain trading by offering to trade of one custom token against another (asset-to-asset trading).

This opens up a whole new range of opportunities, which includes trading against tokens tied to normal currencies, thus replicating traditional trading infrastructures. Hawkoin trading infrastructure is built with different Cryptocurrency markets and multiple OTC connections, which gives us the EDGE to deliver exceptional results to the users.

Hawkoin is created for providing a special lending, trading and stack that can be mined through computer and mobile. With the payment transfer, mining in-app, saving, spending, receiving, borrowing and getting insured, which simplifies users experience in a legal compliance way.

Hawkcoin is the NEW Cryptocurrency that is going to be faster, cheaper and easier to use. As there is only one aim and vision for us, it is to see a world where every individual gets EQUAL opportunity in the world of investment and in the world of Digital Currencies!

So, come forward and be part of this life-turning opportunity as the Presale is set to begin from June 28th, 2018.

The sale will run for 34 days into 7 stages. Early investors are going to be rewarded with higher bonuses starting from 35% for the first round of the Pre-sale that runs for 5 days.

For further inquiries please check below:

Official Website:




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- Email: [email protected]


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