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Yuriy Svitlyk will become the speaker of the first Login Casino online conference dedicated to cryptocurrencies


Between February and March 2018 Login Casino is going to conduct a bitcoin-marathon – a series of thematic conferences dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

The speaker of the first online conference, which will take place on February 13, will be Yuriy Svitlyk, a Microsoft expert, analyst and the author of articles for IT resources.

He will speak on the topic “How to start working with bitcoin”. During his report, the expert is going to answer all the questions usually asked by novices: what bitcoin actually is, how it appeared, what its advantages are, how to use it, how to buy this cryptocurrency and conduct other transactions with it, etc.

These events are going to take place on Tuesdays at 16.00 Moscow time. The industry key representatives will share their views on investing in cryptocurrency, prospects for the cryptoindustry in general. They will explain in details and in plain language what bitcoin is, and will provide with their prognosis for its future.

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