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World’s most efficient AI-incubator Pallium has announced the start of its own pre-ICO


1st of April the project Pallium announced the start of its own pre-ICO, which will last for a month (starting on April 1st and ending on the 1st of May). During this stage, the project plans on raising 500 ETH and releasing 5,000,000 PLMT tokens. It is important to note that by purchasing tokens during this stage, investors will be rewarded with an x2 multiplication factor.

Pallium is a platform for the easy deployment, safe storage, and fast learning of AI models in a decentralized environment. The project utilizes the interests of AI developers, miners, data providers, as well as hardware suppliers. In addition, it’ll be solving issues in the AI industry, such as the high cost of model training and limited access to high-quality data.

Among Pallium’s advisors is the renowned scientist and researcher Alexey Redozubov, Jean-Etienne Durand (who leads the Fusion Blockchain Lab), as well as the young and successful leader of BeTrip Vladislav Tkachuk. The startup has earned high evaluation from the Russian-speaking and English-speaking audience and set ambitious goals, planning to compete with the top players such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

You can learn more about the project on the official site and ask any questions on Pallium Telegram channel.

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