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With a broken stock market, you might actually be better off at a casino


In the past couple of weeks, a crowd of ‘regular Joe’ investors squared off against several hedge fund guys, and several equities, including Gamestop and AMC, blew up on the exchanges.

One thing that we learned from this brouhaha is that there’s just a lot of nonsense in the modern stock market.

We learned how subjective terms like ‘insider trading’ and ‘market manipulation’ can be – and media reports showed us how a lot of the definition of this activity is in the eye of the beholder.

The big jump: New wrinkles in stock investing

We also learned just how easy it is to pump a stock up far beyond its ability to deliver, just by creating popular momentum, and more importantly; We gained deeper insights into why somebody would do this. It might just be a way to screw the hedge fund managers who many feel are gaming the system themselves!

On top of things like capricious presidential trade wars and big manipulation of the economy by central banks, you have all of these other shenanigans and rampant volatility that threatens to sink your financial ship if you’re long in a given equity, or even if you’re shorting it. The big guys made a bet that they could hasten the demise of a company that needed to do a quick pivot – but they didn’t bet on the man in the street. 

New and improved digital casino gaming

Digital casino platforms like FortuneJack combine that new form of digital exchange with provably fair gaming, where you know that nobody is manipulating the numbers behind the scenes, and everyone has a fair shot. It used to be that people always said “the house always wins” in casinos, but the market was free and fair. Now it sounds like it’s the other way around.

FortuneJack also has some of the best on-ramps for cryptocurrency activity, and blending that with financial plays that are based on your ability to compete virtually. Try a platform like this instead of beating your head against the desk while you try to decipher the markets – because increasingly, there’s no way to parse all of those random inputs into how equities go up and down. Burton Malkiel called it a “random walk on Wall Street” for a reason…but it’s gotten even more random since his day! Think about changing up your financial lifestyle and escaping the doldrums of moribund equities markets.

Exit the Market

Even academics agree that everybody is using the stock market like a casino, why don’t you just go play in a casino, instead of trying to reason out your equity trades with confusing market technicals? No seriously.

We all know that squinting at numbers for P/E ratios and MACDs and looking at Bollinger bands and candlesticks isn’t really that fun. By contrast, gaming is a stress reliever, and something that can be a good complement to your daily professional life and whatever else you have going on. Gaming is also done in real time – you don’t have to make a play, and then check the equities market all day while you’re trying to do other things.

With all of the volatility and uncertainty involved in markets today, many investors are leaving the market for good, or at least for the present time. They may also be looking into investments in cryptocurrency and digital assets, or pondering the future relevance of decentralized finance.

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