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Will Blockchain revolutionize the Music Industry? VOISE believes it will!


Most people who have been in crypto for long time immediately realize there’s something wrong in the distribution model of digital goods. This is very clear when talking about music, but the same flaws affect the whole digital market, from mainstream books to scientific publications, digital artworks and artistic photos. Once you’ve experimented for years the possibilities offered by the p2p technology it is hard to accept a model where a central distributor keeps a larger share of profit for itself not just only for offering a service but rather for taking advantage of its dominant position on the market. This is a fact, the huge level of profit in this industry speaks for itself.

To be clear, all the p2p discussion you’ve followed in these years and that led the rise of the Pirate Party in the far 2006 is not about piracy. It is about fixing a broken system. Who does a work has to be compensated, it is a right and there are no doubts about that. What it is hard to understand, and often makes people mad, is… why we should use a system that brings advantage to a few when the technology allows different options?

VOISE recently presented its plan to change the music distribution model and comes out with the revolutionary idea of distributing 100% of the revenue to the artists. Can this model work? I believe it possibly can. The business model is focused on monetizing the extra services offered to both artists and consumers and not on taking advantage of a right of distribution. It makes sense, and a model that makes sense can work. Probably there’s enough money in the collateral services to make a more than fair profit. Time will say, but so far it appears to be one of the most innovative ideas on the scene today.

According to their roadmap, the development team is focused on creating an easy-to-use platform targeting the mainstream user, not just the crypto skilled people, making the platform usable to anyone. This makes the platform a bridge between two worlds and potentially opens a window on the power of blockchain technology to the vastity of users who are completely unaware of its potential. In fact, VOISE will also include support for fiat currencies on the platform.

Funding of the Project & the Voisium Token

To fund the project VOISE is running a Crowdsale Campaign based on the Ethereum smart contract system. The campaign started May 6, 2017 and ends June 6, 2017. There will be 92 million tokens (VSM) for sale at 0.000625 ETH per token. VOISE is using an Ethereum smart contract to ensure everything is done in a transparent manner. Users are advised not to use exchange wallets to participate in this ICO, as they can’t recognize the token ownership.

To be successful the crowdsale requires a minimum of 1.2M tokens sold (7500 ETH). In case this amount is not reached, funds are returned to the investors. Unsold tokens, if any, will be burned and development fund will also be reduced at 5% of the total supply. The max fundraising goal for the project is 57500 ETH, in case all 92M tokens are sold.

Voisium is the currency of the VOISE platform, in the form of ETH Token. Ticker is VSM and the supply of tokens is static and limited, 100M units (92M allocated for crowdsale). They will be used to purchase content on the platform. Built around Ethereum technology, the users can store the tokens on their personal desktop wallets or on the VOISE platform, send them to their friends or trade on the cryptocurrency exchanges, just like any other ETH token.

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