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Why Many Online Gamblers prefer playing on Casinos that offer Bitcoins Payments


Every year, more merchants accept Bitcoins has a method of payment. That is true in some online casinos, as well. In fact, many of those that go on the internet to gamble, look for the ones that accept this currency. Here is why they would rather play with Bitcoins than with regular money.

To protect Their Privacy

People that do a lot of transactions online know how much protecting their privacy is important. This is the reason why they use VPNs, in order to hide their website visits, so that they are not inundated with marketing offers afterwards, or that they are not attacked by cybercriminals, who are looking out for private information that they can retrieve and use them illegally afterwards. Privacy is a key word online, and that is what Bitcoins offer gamblers, when they can use them on online casinos. By doing so, they are simply protecting their assets, as well as their right to be untraceable to the eyes of those would like to wrongly benefit from it. And so, they look for the best crypto casino that they can find.

To raise the Security Level

If you compare the security of Bitcoins with credit cards or a Paypal account, it is easy to see that it is much more dangerous to use the two latter. That is because, if the online casino ever gets hacked, your data will be available to cybercriminals who won’t hesitate to sell it on the darknet. You will suddenly find your card or your account being charged with amounts that come from their illegal use by others. If you choose Bitcoins, they are entirely safe, as long as you do not provide your private key or wallet password to anyone. Keep in mind that when you store Bitcoins, it is better to do it in a cold storage than in an electronic wallet, in terms of safety.

For Faster Payments

On online casinos, many methods of payment are usually accepted. Of course, credit card transactions, as well as Paypal are immediate. However, if you are going to wire money to your account, it could take up to five days, depending on the region where the casino’s bank is located. Through Bitcoins, you can have a confirmation within minutes, or at the very worse, in a few hours, which can let the player enjoy his game, on the day that he wants to, instead of expecting for days, for the money to arrive, first.

Best Transaction Fees

On a Bitcoin transaction, the service fees are extremely low. Much more so than on a credit card, for example, and even less than for bank transfers. It benefits both the player and the house, which is in part why so many online casinos have made the move to accepting Bitcoins from their customers.

In other words, Bitcoins are certainly an optimal way for gamblers to make the most of their money, when they play on an online casino. Since it doesn’t take time to withdraw the winnings as well, it is to be expected that it will become a regular method of payment on most online casinos, soon enough.

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