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Why community building is important for any startup at the early stage


A reliable and big community plays an essential part in the success of many business ventures, whether small or large, they can support the development of a project and help invest in it. Without the interest and involvement of a group of people ready to engage and support, startups would struggle to go beyond the first stages.

As such, anyone ready to work on developing a project or/and company, needs to also look into generating an interest from the people outside of it and aim to create a compact community that will help bring that first idea to success. Doing so it’s not easy, hence why conferences with experts sharing knowledge and suggestions on how to take on this topic can be key events to attend for anyone interested in efficiently developing a project that will gain support and have a successful future.

Upcoming event Unblock Community will focus on seeing the real meaning of community and delve into its true potential. Key speakers from all over the world, with experience in building and managing communities, will share their knowledge and opinions on how communities impact businesses and how to best manage one. Featuring various aspects from different perspectives, there is something for everyone, showing the effect a community centric approach can have in various industries:

  • Every business should spend some time to focus on approaching its audience with the intention of building a strong community. From the beginning of a new business centre to a more established version, engaging with the community and keeping it interested is what can most help with the duracy of your business. Studies show that for over 70% of brand managers, building an audience is more important than converting sales, as establishing trust from the beginning will lead to more consumers and sales in the future, generating a long lasting success. On the first day of Unblock Community, panellers will discuss the building and management of communities for business and entrepreneurs and how they can develop in the industry.
  • In the crypto world everything moves fast, as such it’s important to take care of your audience and its potential from the very beginning. People investing in your ideas need more motivation to support you long term that goes beyond just the initial concept of your project. The early adopters are going to be the ones influencing your future community, so you can begin learning how to influence and grow your presence with them from the very start. Campaigns such as ICOs raise a lot of attention and excitement during the funding period, but once it’s all over it becomes more difficult to keep that support going if your other channels are not interesting. Experiences and frequent content updates can keep your community engaged and with things to do, leaving them with something to talk about. Once you get your first community members actively taking part in your content, so will other people, generating a group of people that are bound to support you beyond the ICO campaign. On the second day of Unblock Community, a panel about post-ICO community support lead by Mike Mironov will give insight on what comes after and how to deal with it.
  • When it comes to producing new and exciting products, a lot of focus goes into creating something that functions and that fills a void within society. It’s important that the process of production takes in mind the consumers, as a product without an audience is not bound to go far. An excellent way to encourage people to share about your product is creating groups, where those interested in what you’ve produced can come together to discuss and spread the word. Company Quora did so by opening an admin moderation group where both new and active users can discuss topics and contribute to the community. Turning into an effective way to tackle concerns and doubts. Expert Yana Marakhonova will lead a panel at Unblock Community on the creation of a community behind products.
  • Raising funds to turn your project idea into reality depends heavily on who sees your ICO and how much attention it can gather. You can start by figuring out what your target audience is, and then can use any online platforms to share about it and gain interest. In these current times where social media is accessible to most, keeping an active presence online and sharing content via blogs is a straightforward and engaging way to attract and keep the support of others. Beyond that, creating a direct line of communication via chat programs can make your project more trustworthy, giving your supporters the chance to reach out to you for any doubts they might have. Rewarding loyal customers, producing frequent creative content and engaging with your community are all key aspects to a successful business venture. A number of panels at Unblock Community will touch on the true nature of communities in blockchain and what their potential is.
  • Blockchain offers the possibility to create the first communities without hierarchy, where brands and companies are supporting them without running them. Removing the necessity of controlling everything from the hands of the company leads to more possibility for the community to evolve and expand quickly. These groups of people meet together and engage thanks to the project and then continue growing and supporting as more people become interested. As a consequence the company will benefit by that boost of attention and have organically created their own community. Expert Richard Millington will lead a panel at Unblock Community on the psychology behind communities, giving insights on how communities start out and why.

Communities play key roles in deciding what projects go ahead and which ones are bound to disappear. Without support from external figures, no giants in the industry would be where they are today. As such, events like Unblock Community are important to make sure that new and already established companies work on improving how they build and manage their supporters for a blockchain future where communities evolve and expand successfully.

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