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Why Build Quannabu


Businesses have this requirement for a reliable way through which they can find the source of hemp-derived products in order to ensure that the vendors have the legal rights to cultivate, manufacture, transport, and even sell them. Companies aren’t really able to acquire accurate source information due to the lack of infrastructure. Without a secure source of proof, businesses can easily be fooled by fake certificates and make purchases from sellers without any legal rights. Due to the fact that blockchain is a tamper-free decentralized ledger, it allows businesses to trace the source of the products. This is where Quannabu steps in.

Then you have supply chain monitoring issues, where in order for the CBD sector to thrive, a proper infrastructure has to be placed. When you consider the fact that today’s governments have a difficult task for regulating the legal use of CBD and other hemp-derived products and eliminating the illegal use and sales of cannabis, the result is unclear regulation across growing demands. This has created a fragmented supply chain, making it difficult for authorities to monitor the transactions involving cannabis products.

Now, through the ability to monitor each and every one of the cannabis-related activities through the use of a blockchain network, the governments can fully track the movement of goods and prevent the illicit circulation of cannabis certify the lawful production as well as the sale of CDB.

Quannabu is designed to integrate a secure as well as a safe platform through which any form of financial transaction, storage, and processing of data on the blockchain network can work. Due to this misinformation as well as the lack of understanding when it comes to the products that are made with cannabidiol, many banks, as well as credit card companies alongside payment providers will not handle the money that is generated through the cannabis industry, and this is the case even in regions where it is fully legal to do so.

Many businesses currently rely on cash transactions as a result of this. Now, running a cash-only business results in issues, and employee safety when moving and depositing large amounts of money has an increased risk of theft. Storing cash opens up to both external and internal theft. To address this problem however Quannabu provides a decentralized payment network for the legal CBD industry. This is a tamper-free, fast, and secure blockchain payment solution that can solve the current payment problems plaguing the industry.

With the Quannabu Token, however, known as QBU, the customers can use QBU to make purchases in online brick and mortar dispensaries, with a tamper-free, fast as well as secure payment solution that will end up solving the current payment problems that are facing the industry as a whole.

Then you have the fact that CBD products need to go through lab testing and those that feel these requirement levels set by governments cannot really be launched.

Quannabu combats this by using blockchain to track the test results as well as the certifications. In other words, the lab results and test certificates will end up being authenticated by third parties, and as such get linked back to their providers with documentations which is affirming the accuracy as well as the approval, and due to the immutable nature of distributed blockchains, users can view as well as trust these claims about the hemp. This results in CBD-infused products.

In other words, Quannabu is built on top of blockchain technology to solve some of the biggest issues the CBD industry currently has.

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