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Where The Best Blockchain Specialists Work In The Crypto Space


The cryptocurrency space has been doing much better recently. Trading volume has been doing better, Bitcoin price has been going higher, and many altcoins are enjoying continuous pump. Many people started to see the current bull market as the reflection of 2017’s bull run, where many smaller cap coins went up as high as 100x. In the time of COVID-19 pandemic, crypto keeps creating new opportunities.

However, there’s one huge difference. The crypto space has matured so much in terms of fundamentals. Unlike 2017 when many ICOs raised so much money with just whitepaper and websites, now everybody needs to be able to show his product before traders and investors can be convinced. That’s definitely a good thing.

There are some specific industries in the crypto space where they successfully attract the best blockchain specialists around the world. As a result of continuous growth, these industries are able to attract top talents in the crypto world. And just like everywhere else, top talents produce good products. Crypto enthusiasts and traders obviously have more faith in good products. Win-win solution for everybody.

So, where do these blockchain specialists work at? Well, they usually work at crypto derivatives platforms, decentralized exchanges (DEX-es), and newer smart contract ecosystems – as these industries are able to outgrow every other industry in the cryptocurrency world.

The Rise Of Crypto Exchanges And Blockchain Talents

The rise of crypto exchanges in the past 2 years have been massive. Among all kinds of exchanges, two particular niches deserve the spotlight. They are crypto derivatives and decentralized exchange. In the world of crypto derivatives, many traders start to put more money into trading crypto futures with big leverage.

One example is WhiteBIT, where it allows its users to trade with 5x leverage (they will expand to 25x leverage in the near future). With WhiteBIT, traders are allowed to trade various leveraged crypto assets against different fiat currencies such as Euro (EUR), Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH), Russian Ruble (RUB), and Turkish Lira (TL).

The popularity of this exchange keeps growing among European traders. WhiteBIT’s growth also allows the platform to attract top blockchain talents. It has a team with more than 100 blockchain specialists, which more than half of them are middle and senior developers. WhiteBIT plans to keep attracting the best blockchain talents as the platform grows.

Besides crypto derivatives, DEX-es or decentralized exchanges are also having the golden moment of their careers. Their rise to the top has been fueled by the popularity of DeFi (decentralized finance). In the past few months, DeFi finally became mainstream after Compound introduced the concept of liquidity mining with their native token (COMP) as the main reward. After the successful launch of COMP, other DeFi protocols started to introduce their own tokens to reward liquidity providers in their networks.

Nowadays, many DEX-es and DEX aggregators such as KyberSwap, Uniswap, Balancer, and 1inch suddenly become very popular because of DeFi’s popularity. Uniswap has millions of daily trading volume and it attracts many crypto traders who wish to trade newer DeFi-related tokens. As a result of its growth, Uniswap also keeps hiring and attracting the best blockchain specialists.

Blockchain Specialists Also Want To Work On Smart Contract Platforms

Not only on DEX-es and derivatives platforms, a large number of blockchain specialists also want to work for newer smart contract platforms. The rise of DeFi on the Ethereum blockchain has clogged the Ethereum blockchain and gas fees have become very expensive recently. Due to this limitation, many people and experts start to wonder what other smart contract ecosystems could solve these scalability issues.

In the past 1-2 months there are more demands and curiosity around platforms like Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), and Cosmos (ATOM). Many blockchain specialists start building their own DApps on top of Cosmos and Polkadot (and they might do so when Cardano successfully upgrades its mainnet for this purpose). As a result of this continuous growth, the startups that build DApps on other smart contract platforms also keep hiring new blockchain specialists.

In fact, there are now higher blockchain expert demands more than ever in the smart contract realm. 

Exciting Time To Be In Crypto

Good developers usually always try to find the greener pastures. Nowadays, even non-crypto senior developers are starting to learn how to develop smart contracts, new blockchain, and other blockchain-related features because they know this is where the demand is.

There’s no doubt that the world of crypto derivatives, decentralized exchanges, and smart contract platforms would continue to attract the top talents in the blockchain space. And as mentioned above, with more blockchain experts developing these industries, we will have more refined exchanges as well as smart contract ecosystems in the future.

If there’s anything that can help a crypto platform in its efforts to attract traders and enthusiasts, it’s definitely the quality of the product. And unlike the ICO era back in 2017, the crypto space is much more matured right now thanks to the quality work of these blockchain specialists.

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