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This year, on June 29, the New Tech Sphere 2024 online conference will be held, dedicated to technology, decentralization, blockchain and trading. The first speakers were recently announced.

To date, the list of confirmed speakers includes:

  • Vincent Song, the Vice President of the XT.COM cryptocurrency exchange with a daily transaction volume of more than $1 billion.
  • Lionel Eersteling, an entrepreneur, investor and High-Performance Coach with over 25 years of experience in healthcare and business.
  • Alexey Kedo, the founder and CEO of Dexnet Technology, the prometheus of decentralization on the Internet.
  • Igor Botnari, the founder and CEO of FIXONE Global Trading and ProfiXone Capital, as well as co-founder of Dexnet Technology.
  • Valery Maltsev, a professional broker and trader with 24 years of experience, COO FIXONE Global Trading.

The list of speakers will be expanded as the conference date approaches. Follow the news on the official channel.

What will happen at the conference

Speakers will talk about the technologies that will change the world this decade, and the financial opportunities that these technologies open up. Decentralization, blockchain, Web4 — these and other niches are now rapidly gaining popularity. And those who will be among the first innovators will be able to earn a fortune and conquer the market.

  • Be the first to receive insights from the best experts on the market.
  • Gain experience from the best in the business.
  • Understand the latest decentralization techniques and the economic prospects associated with them.
  • Build professional contacts in technology and cryptocurrency.
  • Meet colleagues and market leaders, learn new things and expand your competencies.

BONUS. The event sponsor, Dexnet Technology, is holding a large-scale prize draw for conference participants. Among the prizes are high-tech devices for accessing a completely decentralized Internet. Competition details are available only to registered participants.

Register for the conference for free through the official website.

Last year, the NEW TRADE SPHERE 2023 conference attracted more than 120 thousand viewers live on YouTube and Binance Live! This year, with new speakers, new topics and a large-scale prize draw, the conference promises to be even more interesting.

Conference details:

  • June 29, 2024
  • Time: starts at 13:30 UTC
  • Venue: YouTube LIVE
  • Languages: Russian, English, Spanish
  • General sponsor: Dexnet Technology
  • Registration is available on the official website via Email or Telegram.

If you are interested in technology and finance, this conference is definitely worth your attention.


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