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Welcome to EuropeCoin


EuropeCoin: Fairness, transparency, faith & skilled development. PoW/PoS, Fast PoW period than pure PoS and dedicated multipool. Launch date: 05.10.2014.

EuropeCoin (ERC) specifications:

– Hashing Algorithm: X11
– 60 seconds block target
– Difficulty retargets every block
– PoW Block Reward:
– 100, 1000, 10000 ERC ascending in the first week; –
– 5000 ERC stable the second week.
– PoS variable interests:
– 1st week: 2,5%
– 2nd week: 10%
– 3rd week: 15%
– 4th week and the rest of the 1st year: 5%
– Total coins will be 384’000’000 ERC (384M)
– Total coins available in the PoW phase: 137’632’000 ERC

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