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Watch Skins: Pushing the Smartwatch Envelope with NFTs


Thousands of applications currently exist on the blockchain ecosystem, and in this rapidly growing field, one of the most prolific markets that have emerged in this space are NFT digital collectibles. Using blockchain technology, creators are making certifiable and scarce versions of digital artworks. One of the most remarkable new standouts in the NFT collectible space is Watch Skins.

Previously, it was not easy to display digital showpieces. However, thanks to Watch Skins, collectors can show their collectibles to the world on their smartwatch faces.

Watch Skins addresses the desire to display and interact with digital art by making it possible to create original, scarce, and verifiable smartwatch faces and wear them on your wrist. Watch Skins brings major value to collectors and brands in the realm of fashion and entertainment by providing rarity and authenticity.

Contrary to the view that Watch Skins is only for watch wearers, the market presents a rare opportunity for brands, artists, and collectors. Each of this class of users can benefit from the platform in multiple ways.

Benefits for Brands

  • New avenues for licensing and product creation
  • Development of digital goods and experiences that diversify revenue streams
  • Provable authenticity curtails counterfeits and piracy
  • Collaborative development with customer base
  • Increased brand engagement
  • Multiple forms of products and experiences for diverse audiences
  • Consumer data offers insights on brand interaction

Benefits for Consumers

  • Personal expression: individuality, brand identity, unique tastes and preferences
  • Variety: a wide range of collectibles that will ultimately offer something for everyone
  • API data: providesadditional product experience and interaction
  • Consumer Confidence: assureds originality of branded items
  • Scarcity: allows the creation of high-end fashion products
  • Naturally Displayed: collectibles are effortlessly shown to the world

Benefits for Artists/Designers

  • New kinds of expressions available with NFTs
  • Developing dynamic art that keeps changes and expires
  • Ability to monetize through digital platforms
  • Royalty Payments

The Watch Skins Team

The company, founded by brothers Collin and Justin Knock along with creative director Seth Cheshire, began with the founder’s interest in unique digital watch art.  “I’ve always been a watch lover. I’ve collected them for years, and when it came to my smartwatch I realized that there was no real scarcity or rarity in the digital watch face market. I wanted something unique that I could design myself. When I couldn’t find it in the marketplace, I decided to build it myself,” Collin said.

Watch Skins NFT Watches are not only for watch lovers, but if you are a watch lover, you’ll definitely want to check them out.

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