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VOISE ongoing crowdsale reached minimum funding target; team announced platform development start date


VOISE, the Ethereum blockchain-based decentralized music streaming and download platform, announced yesterday their crowdfunding reached the minimum target required to develop the platform (calculated in $375,000 on May 24, 2017).

“We glad to announce the minimum is raised, thanks a lot for your contributions! Before July we will start with the development of the platform.” – VOISE Team

This scenario possibly opens the doors to more big investors joining the crowdsale at the very last minute, in fact there are still 2 days left to enter, and it is not unusual that the big fishes come in when every issue is addressed and the future of the project is clear. The team also confirmed that unsold tokens will be burned and and tokens reserved for advertisers and development team will be reduced to 3% and 5% of the total supply issued.

Their innovative business model aims to distributes 100% of the revenue to the to artists, relying on complementary services to produce the revenue stream to fuel the business. The active development of the platform is set to begin before July and it will include the Radio DAO service that will allow users to access a constantly streaming music service with a never-ending playlist.

“Our priority now is to get the token listed on a couple exchanges and once that’s done start with the active development of the platform.” – Isaac Rodriguez, VOISE Backend Developer

Isaac Rodriguez told Bitcoin Garden there are negotiations in progress with some exchanges and a public announcement will be done as soon as the deal is set. For the upcoming development of the platform the team is going to hire 3 more developers, they will set up a recruitment form next week with more information, so if you interested, watch for it.


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