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UN testing the Emercoin blockchain


In Moldova, the UN car fleet is testing a possibility of using the Emercoin blockchain. The project is being implemented together with the company DeePlace. The blockchain technology, as stated in the UNDP announcement, is to demonstrate the possibility of a more effective way of managing the UN car fleet in an emergency situation.

“We think the blockchain could provide a more effective way of transferring and tracking funds. Changing our strategy according to the situations we face in this field is a work in progress but we are inspired by this”, UNDP said.

They also noted that the ideas suggested by a decentralized ride-sharing outfit in Israel, Lazooz and driver-owned car sharing start up Arcade City were the reason for the project.

Earlier this year The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) announced the launch of a program supporting technological start-ups and within the scope of the program the possibility of investment in start-ups and initiative related to the blockchain technology is being considered.



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