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UCOT’s Blockchain Anti-counterfeiting Traceability Ecosystem: UTracer


Ubique Chain of things is the advocacy and governing body of the UCOT ecosystem. The Foundation’s mission is to assist its members in being prepared to meet the challenge of a whole new era of “Ultimate Supply of Every Chain, Smart Internet of Everything. An industry-wide supply chain system based on IoT, blockchain, 5G, AI, and big data. UCT is continuously working on these demanding products. UTMS, UTracer, UCerti, UTracker, UPhoto. Apps can easily be downloaded on IOS, Android through the website.

Something you should know about Utracer

The UTracer app is UCOT’s world-leading authentic traceability mobile platform built using a fusion of IoT and blockchain technology. Through the fusion of blockchain technology and advanced smart IoT devices, UTracer achieves real-time traceability with counterfeiting and reliable information. All product information can be checked via the UTracer app or website (using NFC tags and/or QR codes) to monitor the product journey through supply chain circulation. Information and data include details about the origin, production batch, production date, traceability trajectory, etc. The whole process can be traced back to each unit’s unique smart label. The authenticity of the product can be traced and verified through the blockchain thus protecting the safety of the consumers.

Key Facts

1. Authenticate Production quickly
Supply chain disclosure, The fake has nowhere to hide

2. Product Traceability
    Original/ Production Batch/ Traceability Journey/ Node Details/ Process Photos/ Temperature.
    UCOT’s 5G-IoT devices track the location and monitor environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity, and uploads this information to the product unit’s unique ID.    

3. Identify The UCOT Smart Tag
QR  Codes/ NFC/ UHF/ Dynamic Security Code.
Scanning the anti-counterfeit QR code found on the unit reveals the origin and authenticity of the product unit.
    Tapping an NFC-enabled device on UCOT’s smart NFC tags gives the user detailed information on the product unit’s source and journey.

4. Support to fight in COVID-19
Utracer helps to fight in the pandemic situation with Coronavirus through
     It’s a special feature to trace PPE.

Mission & Vision

In recent years, counterfeit and inferior goods have caused global havoc. Fake vaccines, milk powder, and wines have threatened the lives of people. Supply chain traceability has become a market demand. Thus UTracer was born. UTracer finds the source of counterfeiting problems at its roots by solving other problems such as low traceability, complex and difficult supply chains, and poor information transparency. UCOT’s solutions aim to ensure that fakes are nowhere to be seen in the new and upcoming 5G era.

Latest Developments of Utracer 

  • Separate location API from front-end layer in UTracer
  • APK for UPhoto
  • Prepared R&D documents for UTracer
  • Separate the notification API from the front-end layer in UTracer
  • Separate industry logins and major APIs from UTRAcer’s front-end layer


UCT is also listed on top exchanges where everyone can buy and Trade UCT tokens. UCT is continuously moving forward with new exciting things and providing his best to the community. UCT is listed on Bittrex, Bit-Z and

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  • matt jones says:

    this is pretty interesting, I couldn’t find any of the apps, but perhaps they are not yet released. I am outside the US so maybe the US android store has them?

  • UCT Community says:

    Hi Matt, Thanks for your valuable comment. Where are you from, So that UCT team can help you to access the APPS, You may join the official UCT telegram account by above-given link. Thanks

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