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Tsinghua University launches Digital Assets Research Initiative


On Saturday, April 25 Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance and Huobi, China’s leading bitcoin exchange, held an official signing ceremony for the launch of a joint Digital Assets Research Initiative. PBC School of Finance Dean Liao Li, PBC School of of Finance Vice President and Deputy Party Secretary Zhao Cen, Huobi founder and CEO Li Lin, and other leaders attended the ceremony. Li Lin and Liao Li each gave a speech, and Vice President Zhao Cen signed an agreement formalizing the university’s long-term cooperation with Huobi.

The work of the Digital Assets Research Initiative will be jointly conducted by finance and technology experts from Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance and Huobi. It will be hosted at the Tsinghua PBC School’s Internet Finance Research Lab and Huobi will be the official sponsor of the program. The focus will be on understanding how digital innovation is transforming finance and economics for individuals, businesses, governments, and the international system; predicting the future direction and impact of these trends; and promoting a healthy and prosperous development path. The Digital Assets Research Initiative of Tsinghua PBC School and Huobi will provide quality information and insight to finance and technology industry professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, regulators, and the general public. It will be a valuable resource to help China be at the forefront of innovation in this important area.

Huobi CEO Li Lin stated:

The integration of traditional finance and the Internet is accelerating. The entrepreneurship and innovation in this area in similar to the time of the early Internet. At that time, most of the general public was not aware of the speed and magnitude of change. The same is true of digital currency today. The current trends point to a bright future for this industry in China.

Tsinghua University joins MIT and technology giants IBM and Samsung as one of the world’s major institutions conducting research and development of blockchain technology, decentralized systems, and digital assets.

Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance is the most prestigious academic institution for finance in China and plays a pivotal role in steering the development of financial trends in the country. Huobi is China’s leading bitcoin company. With financial backing from Silicon Valley investment firm Sequoia Capital, Huobi provides the most secure and transparent bitcoin exchange and services to individual and institutional clients, and is deeply committed to promoting the healthy growth and development of bitcoin in China and around the world.


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