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A Tribute to Tr-Roland 808: 808 Cryptocurrency


As a alternative digital currency, the 808 team looked to form the most secure and fair currency possible. Under the same developer as Sprouts, Mr. Eggman released the new 808 Coin. This currency revolves around a high stake rate, low proof of work, and the history of the Tr-Roland 808.

The 808 became available in 1980, before many people would use drum machines on top of a living room organ to create and play with. After time this encouraged the development of a new design for the purpose of professional music producers. It aimed to recreate actual drum sounds from hi-hats, to snares. This allows anyone to create new beats to publish and share around the world which eventually led on to future models such as the Tr-8, the resurrection of the original.

The team saw this opportunity and decided to lay out a plan for a new currency to share the history this technology has brought us. The coin follows with similar specs as the highly successful Sprouts coin that not only left a visible mark on the proof of stake community but also in becoming one of the few supportive coin developers whom ensured the rich and the poor equal profits. The 808 Coin is the successor to Sprouts and looks to follow that trend with a higher interest rate, with a POS of 17.88% every 8.08 days and a total APR of 808.8% makes it hard for anyone to pass down. A recent vote to Cryptopia was processed and the coin has been trading very well since its release, the team has a lot planned and is currently working on getting listed to exchanges such as Poloniex, Bittrex, and much more which have been confirmed and voted upon by the community. A plan designed for a long term currency with quality team support and project development.

The 808 team is still working on promoting their project and developing a larger community for any future plans. Their goal is to assist everyone at gaining high profits in a fair and equal way. Time will tell whether or not the 808 Community will continue to grow, a promising coin with a professional team will keep this coin moving forward. Not only will this add towards the success of the crypto community but to allow people to take a glance at the TR-808 Roland and recognize what this has evolved into. Online programs such as FL Studio which feast a digital presentation of different studio tools. Similar hardware designs to the TR-Roland began to give birth to new models all unique, as well as the genre’s of music that has grown into the industry today, and many more years to come.



  • Devon says:

    Nice article! Im gonna go put my buys on the market right now, good luck on the poloniex request, hope it goes through!

    • sift53 says:

      The price has been above the ICO since launch, if only other exchange could realize the potential and profit they would gain from this currency

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