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Top 7 Benefits of Gambling with EOS on Casinos


The steady growth of casinos working with cryptocurrencies has led to the slow decline of traditional casinos. Conventional casinos have been a significant force in the gambling industry for a long while. However, their impact is slowly declining, with crypto casinos being the new top dog in the gambling world.

Recently, casinos that accept cryptocurrency for gambling have been attracting a lot of gamblers. However, this is not shocking, with cryptocurrency slowly becoming the world’s general currency. Therefore, many casinos have jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, with the latest being EOS casinos.

Gambling with the EOS coin is relatively new for many gamblers except for the crypto gambling enthusiasts who are quite aware of this coin. However, many bettors are not aware of the goodies attached to using this coin for playing casino games. Therefore, the primary purpose of this article is to introduce the newbies to EOS casinos and dish out some of the benefits of gambling on these platforms.

What To Know About The EOS Coin

Despite not being in the cryptocurrency market for a long time as other coins, the EOS coin has forged a strong bond among many digital currency enthusiasts. 

Initially released in 2017, the EOS currency’s popularity has steadily grown. In addition, its main goal since its launch has been to provide faster transactions for its holders.

EOS Compared with Other Coins

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is growing, with many new digital currencies being introduced. Many crypto experts have referred to the EOS coin as being an improved version of the Ethereum coin. For example, the EOS coin boasts a faster transaction time than Ethereum, making it a worthy competitor. However, the EOS coin has not been able to reach the level of Ethereum quite yet, but the future still looks bright.

EOS casinos, when compared with different crypto casinos, operate very similarly. Therefore, this makes the transition of switching from the use of other coins to EOS less stressful. 

The Safety of Gambling on EOS Casinos

Like any good gambler, many are concerned about the legality and safety of these new crypto-gambling platforms. However, bettors can feel safe when gambling on EOS casinos and know that these sites are legal.

As earlier stated, cryptocurrency is becoming the world’s general currency, with many countries adopting it. Therefore, when it comes to gambling on EOS casinos, it depends on if your country allows online gambling or not. 

Furthermore, these casinos operate with a gaming license that helps regulate them and provides their customers with a high level of transparency. Some likely E gaming licenses most EOS casinos may operate with are:

● Curacao E-gaming License 

Still the most popular license in the gambling industry, the Curacao eGaming license is known for offering quality services at a reasonable amount. 

● Malta Gambling Authority License 

It is the third most popular license in the gambling industry, with headquarters in malta. In addition, it is also a license that covers many gambling professions.

● United Kingdom Gambling Commission License 

With headquarters in the United Kingdom, this license is known for offering its customers top-notch security. However, it is an expensive license, making its use in many casinos less popular. 

7 Benefits of Gambling on EOS Casinos

With many casinos operating with different cryptocurrencies, there is a non-stop tussle to be the best. However, despite EOS casinos being the new kid on the block compared with the oldies like bitcoin, it still offers their customers a top-notch gambling experience. Therefore, listed below are seven benefits gamblers get when they switch to betting on EOS casinos.

1. Fast Transactions 

Nobody likes a casino that processes transactions with the speed of a snail. However, the EOS blockchain aims to process over a thousand transactions per second. Also, this transaction speed is faster than Ethereum’s, which processes only 15 transactions per second. Therefore, gamblers can expect their transactions to be completed in seconds.

2. Zero Transaction Fees

One of the main goals of EOS since its launch is the elimination of the fees attached to using these cryptocurrencies. With a vast majority of crypto casinos in the Industry, EOS casinos have stood out from all of them because of this feature.

3. High Degree of Confidentiality. 

Every gambler values their privacy, and they do not feel comfortable inputting their details on many gambling platforms. However, most EOS casinos do not ask for personal information during registration. Also, like all cryptocurrencies, the EOS coin is a blockchain-based platform, meaning transactions are anonymous.

4. Players’ Safety is Guaranteed 

EOS casinos value the security of their registered customers; for this reason, their platforms operate on a high level of encryption, making them less susceptible to hacking. Therefore, gamblers are not worried about losing their earnings or getting their details stolen.

5. Attractive Bonuses Offered 

One of the main benefits of gambling on EOS casinos is the mouth-watering bonuses offered. Therefore, players can make constant profits with these bonuses being provided consistently. Some of the bonuses gamblers have access to include:

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Reload Bonus
  • Free Spins
  • Weekend bonuses and others. 

6. Transparency and Accountability 

The inner workings of many traditional casinos are still a mystery to many gamblers. But this is not the same for EOS casinos; the presence of a gaming license means the actions and operations made by these platforms are constantly being monitored.

7. Massive Collection of Games and Slots

EOS casinos have an extensive collection of casino games for gamblers. With this massive collection, bettors can choose their favorite game, which increases the probability of winning. Furthermore, these platforms have an extensive range of slot games from the industry’s top game providers. Some of the top games gamblers can play include:

  • Dice
  • Video Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack and more. 


Gamblers should expect more from EOS casinos shortly, with the platform developing quickly. Therefore, having seen the many benefits of using these casinos, there has never been a better time to start your journey with EOS.

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