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The TokenHome ICO is About to Launch – Changing The Worldwide Real Estate Industry Overnight


The ICO TokenHome is a real-estate development for the purchase and rental of tourist units in the province of Malaga, Spain.

Real Estate Investing has always been a preferred method of increasing one’s wealth. The problem has always been that most people do not have the required amount of money to even start. All that is changed thanks to the new real estate investment platform being launched by TokenHome in a short while.

Gone will be all the drawbacks of doing mainstream real estate deals. Forget about the fees, no more. Use of smart contracts on the blockchain means that no one person or entity can alter these contracts. Everything is transparent, if it is included in the smart contract, it will automatically be carried out. Imagine, Real Estate Investing with no minimum entry price. Invest as low as 500EUR if desired.

TokenHome will Invest in the best tourist areas in Malaga, Spain, with close to 100% occupancy.

Vacancy is nonexistent with 7 million tourists arriving every year to Spain. Because it is Real Estate backed crypto coins, it offers low volatility. The company expects to be able to generate +20% annual income with hotel rentals. They have partnered with the best construction company in Europe. Tokens can be traded while the construction is underway. Top notch luxury construction revalues properties 2x to 5x while the token-holders receive rent every month.

During a recent interview with Steve Stanley, a company spokesperson explained, “The objective is to generate a community of owners of touristic apartments that are going to be acquired by the DAO, generated through this ICO to buy these properties and manage the dividends that their rents bring in, to distribute them to the owners of the digital tokens that are put into circulation during this ICO.”

The TokenHome ICO will be live on 2/19/2018 and discounts will apply for early adopters. This is an excellent opportunity to be part of history in the launch of a new concept of real estate investing that allows anybody to participate, regardless of physical location or income. Spain is the second touristic destination worldwide and the first of Europe. Up until the month of July of 2017, Spain received a total of 47 million foreign tourists.

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