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Token Generation to Finance Revolutionary Aircraft


An upcoming token-generation event (TGE) will finance the development of a revolutionary next-generation aircraft. VIMANA Global is seeking entries for a white list for the purchase of its VAIR Token.

VIMANA Global is one of a handful companies that has a working prototype for a Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV). VIMANA’s AAV is based on patent-pending technology that combines the capabilities of a helicopter, an airplane, and a drone.

VIMANA AAVs, that carry Blockchain Nodes on board, which in turn connect to terrestrial VIMANA Blockchain Nodes, form the basis of the Smart City Blockchain Airspace network. VIMANA’s Urban Air Mobility solution is designed to bring air-taxi, air-delivery, air-limo, and other services to urban areas around the globe. The VIMANA AAVs would be one of multiple unmanned aircrafts capable of taking advantage of the Smart Cities-run Blockchain Airspace network.

Management at VIMANA Global plans to announce the first Smart City location in 2018. The company is in negotiations with at least five jurisdictions for Smart City blockchain strategic agreements. The agreements would facilitate the deployment of Blockchain Airspace with Smart Cities and the construction of the VIMANA AAVs with local requirements in mind.

“VIMANA is uniquely positioned to make a major Urban Air Mobility impact by solving the looming traffic congestion infrastructure crisis,” said Evgeny Borisov, VIMANA CEO and founder. “By putting Smart Cities into the driver’s seat with VIMANA’s blockchain-based air traffic control network that can be used with third party AAVs and UAVs, VIMANA makes Smart Cities a part of Blockchain Airspace economy.”

TGE to Aid Development of VTOL AAVs

VIMANA Global completed a successful round of angel investment in 2017. The next goal for the company is to generate token sales to launch Blockchain Airspace in select Smart Cities.

VIMANA’s token, called VAIR, is the coin needed to participate in Blockchain Airspace economy.

The terms for VAIR TGE se are scheduled to be made public early in 2018. Persons that qualify for the company’s private pre-sale whitelist will be given the chance to buy VAIR before the TGE.

To register for the VIMANA VAIR token sale whitelist please visit or e-mail [email protected]

The VAIR Token will enable VIMANA’s AAV localization and kick off Smart Cities’ licensing the technology. VIMANA has two prototypes of the AAV, a four-seater, and a one-seater available.

“While VIMANA’s story will start with a single Smart City deployment, eventually we are hoping to scale VIMANA Network; manufacturing of VIMANA AAVs, and consequently Blockchain Airspace to over 100 smart cities around the world, linking their airspace via VAIR-token enabled Blockchain Airspace,” Borisov said.


Redwood City-based VIMANA Global is building a Blockchain Airspace-based VIMANA Universe.

It includes VIMANA Network; a flagship product consisting of blockchain nodes, VIMANA AAVs, and VIMANA protocols enabling the network and connecting it to public blockchain. VIMANA Network is accessible to partners and third parties via open APIs.

The first instance of Blockchain Airspace will be enabled as part of VIMANA’s commercial deployments in Urban Air Mobility markets. To this end a team of aerospace engineers led by CEO Evgeny Borisov is developing one- and four-seater VTOL AAVs, intended as passenger transport.

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