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On September 20, Moscow will host a specialized conference on ICOs – Initial Coin Offering.  It is the first event fully dedicated to token emission as a new investment tool.

The organizer is Smile-Expo known by its network of blockchain conferences in nine European countries.

The company stresses that this event is Russia’s first platform for investors and startup owners, entirely focusing on ICO details. Up to now, cryptocurrency conferences have paid just a part of attention to Initial Coin Offering, although this topic deserves a separate event. According to the results of past months of 2017, ICOs allowed to raise more than one and a half billion dollars for startup development. And it is six times more than during the whole year of 2016.

“ICOs have long moved beyond a separate section of the conference,” Smile-Expo representatives add. “There are so many technical and legal issues that one will require an entire day to examine them and to invite experts who can cover Initial Coin Offering from different perspectives.”

It will be useful for investors to listen to Oleg Kudrenko, a cryptocurrency expert, Vladimir Popov, an entrepreneur and author of the ICO book, as well as to Alexander Kolokhmatov, an expert in banking issues. They will talk about things that bother participants of crowdsale campaigns: scam detection, criteria of project assessment and ICO market trends. Speakers will analyze successful crowdsales and reveal common mistakes made by investors.

ICO organizers and those who are going to offer tokens should listen to presentations of the following speakers: Anar Babaev, the founder of platform and author of and SeoPult services; Yury Parsamov, a chief marketing specialist of KICKICO crowdfunding platform; Christophe David, a representative of the French cryptocurrency community; Maxim Pervunin, a manager at TFH Russia; and  Ilya Egorov, a marketing consultant of ICO projects.

Their presentations will be interesting for people aimed at entering an ICO and requiring analytics and tips. What products are in-demand on the market? How to prepare for an ICO from the technical and marketing perspective? How to avoid breaking the law while working within a certain jurisdiction? How to transfer collected funds into fiat money? Experts will reveal the details of conducting advertising campaigns, creating automated funnel systems, and operations on investment platforms etc.

Besides marketing, a significant block will be dedicated to legislation: how to obtain benefits from the legal vacuum and guess a trend based on the latest news from the USA, China, and South Korea.

Major entrepreneurs, investors, and startup owners are expected to be involved in the event.

The conference will take place at Technopolis Moscow (Volgogradsky prospekt, 42/5).

Details and registration can be found on the ICO event Moscow website.

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