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Ties.Network and Tidex Join Forces


A token associated with the world’s first decentralized public smart database Ties.DB is now trading on the Tidex cryptocurrency exchange. The TIE Token was issued by the Ties.Network; a leader in the creation of decentralized blockchain applications.

The Ties.Network has launched the first database hosted entirely on the blockchain; Ties.DB. The Ties.DB offers centralized data structured data storage that allows for document modification. Ties.DB is a first of its kind product that offers storage of non-financial data in decentralized applications (DApps) through the Ethereum blockchain.

The Ethereum-based TIE token will join more than 70 altcoins currently listed on Tidex. Tidex is a multifunctional platform designed to offer fast and reliable seamless trading of a wide variety of cryptocurrency assets. The exchange also offers advanced security and privacy measures, and quick and easy deposits designed to make trading fast, fun, and simple.

The World’s First Decentralized Smart Database is open to the public

The world’s first decentralized smart database Ties.DB, offers users a wide variety of unique features through the Ethereum blockchain.

To ensure data safety and integrity, each Ties.DB record is replicated in a multitude of nodes. That means there will be many copies of every record, which greatly reduces the possibility of data loss.

Each Ties.DB user has a unique ID verified by a privacy key. The privacy key ensures that only the owner can modify, remove, or delete data from the Ties.DB blockchain.

More importantly, all records on Ties.DB will be available for public viewership. That enables users to comply with laws mandating transparency without putting data at risk. Users will have an easy time finding data on Ties.DB with advanced search features.

About Ties.Network

Ties.Network is an Ethereum-based business platform for the crypto community that supports the first public, decentralized, distributed NoSQL database, Ties.DB. Ties.DB is Byzantine fault tolerant.

Ties.Network was founded by Alexander Neymark and Dmitry Kochin. Alexander Neymark has been launching and developing financial services for banks and telecommunications companies since 2000.  In 2012, he began creating a platform for aggregating financial user data (account aggregation technology), which was implemented in the final development of Krawlly.

Dmitry Kochin has extensive experience in IT. He holds a Ph.D. in Technical Sciences and has been a serial entrepreneur in the IT sector since 2005. Dmitry has been involved in a variety of software projects related to payment processing, account aggregation, computer telephony and even financial services within online games.

In October 2017, Ties.Network held a Token Generation Event for the TIE Token; which raised over $9.5 million, and distributed more than 59 million tokens.

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