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TIE Token price increases after Product release announcement


The price of the TIES.Network Token quadrupled after plans for the release of a blockchain-database product on the Ties.Network business platform were announced.

Ties.DB is a database product that serves the needs of companies that are native to blockchain The introduction of TIES DB is a major leap forward in data storage, it handles vast capacity of information safely and allows the crypto-community to have access to a single, universal and public platform to cooperate, interact with peers and conclude business deals.

Having started the year in the $.15 range, TIE rallied up as high as $.60 in the first days of the New Year. Customers that possess TIE tokens can use them to pay for Ties. DB use at a discounted rate. Now that the product launch is confirmed by the alpha release, future users that didn’t get a chance to purchase the token during Ties.Network’s 2017 Token Generation Event are making up for the lost time.

The TIES.Network Token had a Coin Price of 64.9¢ (0.0004967 ETH) on January 15, 2018, Coin Market Cap Market reported. Ties Network achieved a market cap of $172,920 (131.09 ETH) on January 15, 2018.

A Decentralized Business Platform for Ethereum-based Smart Contracts and DApps

The Ties.Network is a decentralized blockchain platform for Ethereum-based smart contracts. The plan is for the Network to serve as a market place for products and services based upon smart contracts and a blockchain-based social media network for professionals.

Unlike ​Cassandra, ​ ​ MongoDB, and other current databases, Ties DB is a cutting edge, fully decentralized platform where all nodes are equal, and access is available to anyone. Ties DB   grants the possibility to seek for information in the stored files and moreover, crypto community members will be able to interact with each other and close deals at no time. Ties DB offers a new business platform for crypto community with integrated deals based on “smart” contracts.

Ties.DB was designed as the world’s first decentralized NoSQL, or non-relational decentralized database. Users will be able to store and search through large volumes of structured data using Ties.DB. If successful, Ties.DB will be marketed to users of Ethereum-based decentralized applications (DApps) – all of whom will need data storage solutions.

“There is nothing quite like Ties.DB on the market yet,” said Alexander Neymark, Ties.Network CEO and cofounder. “We offer a transparent business solution that has never been presented before.  We are disrupting the traditional data base industry, the business which is dominated by such moguls as Microsoft, Amazon and Google by creating the new type of product, the decentralized public data base for decentralized applications based on blockchain”. The real success of our token generation event has demonstrated that the product is long overdue in the market and the demand will only increase”.”

Ties.DB is designed to be used for everything from sharing video and music files to cryptocurrency trading to the maintenance of human resources (HR) records. Users would even be able to use Ties.DB to manage token generation events and other blockchain-based projects.

Ties.Network Raised $9.5 million with Token Generation

The Ties.Network raised $9.5 million by creating and distributing 59 million Tie Tokens in October 2017. TIE recently began trading on TIDEX, a cryptocurrency exchange and Bitcoin (BTC) trading platform based in Rotterdam.

TIDEX was designed as a simple, fast, and reliable multifunctional platform for the seamless trading of cryptocurrency assets. Over 70 altcoins are currently listed on TIDEX including TIE, Ethereum (ETC) and Bitcoin.


Ties.Network is an Ethereum-based business platform for crypto community that supports the first public, decentralized, distributed, Byzantine fault tolerant NoSQL database, Ties.DB. Ties.Network was founded by Alexander Neymark and Dr. Dmitry Kochin. Alexander Neymark has been launching and developing financial services for banks and telecommunications companies since 2000. In 2012, he created a platform for aggregating financial user data (account aggregation technology), which was implemented in the final development of Krawlly. Dr. Dmitry Kochin has extensive IT experience. Since 2005, Dr. Kochin was involved in a variety of software projects related to payment processing, account aggregation, computer telephony and financial services within online games. In October 2017, Ties.Network held a Token Generation Event, which attracted over $9.5 million, and distributed over 59 million tokens.

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Contact: Max Smetannikov, Nona Perez, +1 646 205 7030, [email protected]

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