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THORBOT Quantified Robots treated as a guest of honor at Asia’s largest blockchain summit


Asia Blockchain Summit 2020, Asia’s largest blockchain summit, was held on July  15, 2020, attracting more than 10,000 viewers worldwide. This year’s ABS 2020 Blockchain Summit will focus on the landing applications of blockchain. During the five-day session, nearly 300 world-renowned people, government officials, and industry leaders from 50 countries will lead an audience from around the world on seven topics, including social shocks, industrial applications, market trends, changes in traditional finance and investment, government central bank digital currencies, the core technology revolution, and the shape of the future world, with the participation of THORBOT Quantitative Robots.

Inheriting the tradition of the previous ABS Asia Blockchain Summit, to better blend blockchain and cryptocurrencies into today’s society and achieve a truly large-scale application and trust revolution, the issue of “government regulation and compliance” is also the focus of this year’s special attention, THORBOT Quantified Robotics said at the conference, through legal compliance and easy-to-understand investment methods to quickly attract members and traffic, is the key to rapid development of blockchain applications and consensus-building. 

To that end, organizers invited government officials, including Hester Maria Peirce, a member of the Securities and Exchange, Huang Tianmao, chairman of Taiwan’s Gold Regulatory Commission, Tang Feng, chief fintech officer of the Monetary Authority of Singapore(MAS), and Sheila Warren, head of blockchain and digital currencies at the World Economic Forum.

After several years of development, blockchain is no longer just “on paper”, but can really connect with the real world and provide solutions to many of today’s problems, and the recent outbreak has accelerated the application of blockchain, according to Luo Jieliang, CEO of ABS co-founder and mobile blockTempo. 

For example, we can use blockchain to solve the problem of data sharing spread by new crown viruses, blockchain can also speed up the speed of enterprises, individuals online loan applications, and even can be used to issue bail-out funds, these are good examples of applications.

THORBOT Quantified Robot also said that this year’s outbreak broke the rhythm of the original blockchain industry, but the disaster depends on each other, but also for blockchain to create a new bureau to accelerate the application of landing. This time, ABS 2020 covers the theme, invited speakers are the most in years. As a cutting-edge fintech, the impact of blockchain on the future world is incalculable. Through this conference, the community will be able to keep abreast of the latest industry trends and pulses, while industry participants will be able to better understand the problems ahead and try to create the next digital innovation.

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