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The Merkle: one stop cryptocurrency news source, guides and educational sections


Founded in June 2014, The Merkle aims to offer its readers something entirely different from most news platforms. While they do focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain news, The Merkle also offers a dedicated guides and educational sections. A lot of people are not aware of what cryptocurrency is, and The Merkle makes it easier for them to learn new things in a non-technical manner.

But The Merkle does not specialize in only bitcoin and blockchain news. Their team of writers is taking a multi-pronged approach to tackling alternative cryptocurrencies, market analysis, exchanges, and reviewing products and services related to this industry. Being informative is the end goal, and combined with the latest cryptocurrency news, The Merkle has quickly become a form to be reckoned with.

Expansion is on The Merkle’s agenda as well, which is why they are branching out to other types of news as well. Technology, finance, the deep web, and Fintech are just some of the topics they touch upon on an occasional basis. Branching out to different news topics will help The Merkle grow its user base, and provide some content that lets people explore what else they have to offer.

The Merkle has seen a healthy growth over the past six months, and they are well on track to become one of the top cryptocurrency news sites. Moreover, they are focusing on mobile strategy, with the release of the official iOS app. An Android version is currently in beta testing, and will be made publicly available in the next few weeks.


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