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The World’s First Bitcoin Lottery


It was with pomp and glamour that the world’s largest mainstream media outlets reported what would later mark an exciting milestone in the crypto industry. In December 2017, a period when Bitcoin was flying high at around $20,000 USD a coin, Lottoland, introduced the world’s first BTC lottery!

For a company that had curved itself a name in the lottery industry across the world, introducing bitcoin bounty worth millions of pounds in BTC was unbelievable. The minimum jackpot prize of 1,000 BTC was even crazier, not to mention the fact that so many people across the planet were eligible to play. And hordes of punters were understandably excited and fired up, hoping for a share of that tasty jackpot!

A little look at how the pioneering Bitcoin lottery is faring, a year later!

It’s been over a year since and, as it’s evidenced by the sheer excitement that’s still in the industry, the Bitcoin lottery is still still going strong. In fact, the rollout of Lottoland’s cryptocurrency lottery is a testament to how much of a global lottery operations behemoth this company is.

Lottoland is legally licensed to offer lotto-betting services across the world. It has yearly revenue of over $335 million and over eight million customers. This company, formed in 2013, has tremendously revolutionized how players everywhere gamble on international lotteries.

As of now, this lotto-betting operator boasts over a million crypto-hungry punters, all eyeing the mega prize. For them, getting a shot at winning high-value BTC couldn’t have been easier than this. In fact, they marvel at how ‘punter-oriented’ the lottery is.

With over 10 major Spanish ‘Bonoloto’ inspired draws, winning is a norm, for many

That’s right – even though the mouth-watering prize has time and again proved elusive, a majority have been fortunate enough to get a share of the cake. A bet goes for a meagre $5 and whenever a draw happens and no jackpot winner is announced, they roll it over.

Some of the other major draws available on offer at Lottoland are:

  • EuroMillions
  • WorldMillions
  • Cash4Life
  • PowerBall
  • MegaMillions

How to play the Bitcoin Lotto

For the rules of the game, Lottoland opted to go with the standard 6/49 style numeric lottery for this pioneer crypto lottery. With just six numbers picked from between 1 and 49, and all correctly matching the mouth-watering prize, somebody is sure to pick up that top prize. But that’s not the only prize, as, away from the top tier, there’s also 1BTC up for grabs and several other cash prizes.

Save for Sunday, draws happen every single day at 9:30 pm CET and winners have an option of getting paid either in BTC or a local currency like dollars or pounds. This effectively means, Lottoland potentially awards someone with a prize, six days a week. And even though the main bounty still stands, its value is rising!

This BTC lottery is a revolutionary

Bitcoin and gambling have largely kept their tightly-knit relationship going. And just to echo the words of Graham Ross, Lottoland’s Irish country manager, this lotto-betting company is giving the millions of lotto players “an opportunity to be involved in the big league.” The platform is easy to use and for any FAQs or clarifications, there’s a page full of easily understandable explanations.

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