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The top 5 myths about CBD oil that you need to know about


If you’ve been online in the last year, chances are that you’ve heard about CBD oil. This product took 2019 by storm, and could be seen splashed all over social media. A plethora of different industries got on board with using CBD oil for health including the makeup and beauty industry, the fitness industry and the mental health care industry.

As with any popular product, there are plenty of myths and legends surrounding CBD oil. Ironically, they come both from people who are against CBD oil and from the people who use it. CBD  can evoke strong reactions from people who are against cannabis usage, and can encourage frequent users to be a little creative when describing its benefits.

Put simply, it can be confusing to know what’s true about CBD oil if you’ve never used it before, and that’s what we are going to be taking a look at today. In this blog post, we’re going to be taking a detailed look into the top myths that surround CBD oil and debunking them.

Myth 1 – CBD oil can cure cancer

This is one myth that we wish was true. CBD oil is often touted as a cure for cancer, or as a product that can help prevent cancer. Unfortunately, CBD oil can not cure cancer and there is weak evidence surrounding it at the time of writing.

The Macmillan Cancer Support website notes that, while CBD oil and cannabis can have somewhat of an effect on cells, there is unfortunately no evidence to support the idea that CBD can help to cure cancer. In fact, CBD oil and cannabis can have a damaging effect on important cells and in some cases can even encourage cancerous cells to grow.

Myth 2 – CBD oil is great for diabetes

For a while now, CBD oil has been involved in the conversation about diabetes treatment. Many people believe it to be a fantastic product to use for reducing insulin resistance and moderating blood sugar levels.

While there may be some evidence pointing to this, Healthline notes that CBD oil could actually be quite detrimental for diabetes sufferers. Some research points to CBD oil actually doing the opposite in regards to insulin resistance, which could be incredibly harmful.

Additionally, there is a severe lack of clinical evidence surrounding the links between diabetes and CBD oil. More research needs to be done in the future, that’s for sure. If you’re someone who suffers from diabetes, make sure to consult with your doctor before trying out any products related to CBD oil.

Myth 3 – There are no side effects to CBD oil

People who enjoy using CBD oil are often very quick to state that CBD oil has no side effects. While there are no common side effects seen across the board, it’s entirely inaccurate to make a generalized statement like this.  Every person is different, and they react to substances in entirely different ways.

Side effects of certain CBD products can include drowsiness, lightheadedness, low blood pressure and even potential liver damage, as this Web MD post points out. These side effects are fairly rare when you stack them up against other substances like alcohol or prescription pills, but it is worth being aware that they do exist nonetheless.

Myth 4 – Using CBD oil can cure psychosis

This is another myth that would be wonderful if it was true. CBD oil has been linked multiple times to treating psychosis, but the evidence surrounding it is incredibly limited. This article by the Fresh Toast was a huge help when we were researching for this section.

The studies that have been linked to CBD oil treating psychotic disorders are poor at best. There has been little research done on individuals with a full diagnosis of psychosis; research has only been done on those with an early stage of a disorder.

Furthermore, there have been no clearly defined treatment studies at the time of writing this article. We’re sure that there will be some fascinating developments in this area of science, but for now, the links between CBD and psychosis treatment are mediocre.

Myth 5 – It’s okay to switch your medication for CBD oil

This is a myth that can do a lot of harm if users aren’t careful. Some CBD fans get carried away by the immense benefits of using the oil, and assume that they can simply swap out their prescribed medication when and as they please. 

This is absolutely not the case.

If you’re considering a change in medication or a shift towards herbal medicine, it is absolutely vital to make sure that you consult with a medical professional first. As much as online blogs and journals can be convincing when it comes to the benefits of CBD oil, you won’t be able to determine the effect that CBD might have on your own personal health. Are you on existing medication that might bring up issues when mixed with CBD, for example? It’s always best to speak with a doctor first.


As you can see, there are a number of potentially damaging myths surrounding the usage of CBD oil. Due to it being a relatively new trend in the healthcare industry, there is limited scientific evidence available to debunk any claims about CBD oil and there are plenty of people spreading misinformation about the product online too.

Of course, it’s not all negative. In fact, there are some incredible benefits to using CBD oil, as this CBD Kyro article points out. CBD oil is used for a number of great reasons, including anxiety and stress management, skin care and chronic pain relief.

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