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The Next StepN is Coming? Could 8uddy, the Companion AI Product in the Web3 Space, Become the Biggest Trend?


StepN created a legend in the Web3 gaming industry, but due to flaws in its mechanisms and gameplay design, this legend quickly faded. As the 2024 crypto bull market began, AI emerged as the biggest narrative in Web3, and the rise of the lonely generation behind the screens sparked a demand for AI companionship products. This led to the emergence of an AI+Web3 companionship product that caught the attention of players.

Beyond its warm and charming companionship features, users unanimously seek the ultimate P2E (play-to-earn) experience in Web3 products, aiming for the most thrilling gameplay and the longest-lasting returns. From the perspectives of specific gameplay, technical systems, economic models, and development strategies, 8uddy perfectly meets users’ core needs and is likely to spark a revolutionary iteration in the value of AI+Web3 products.

With exceptional art style and top-tier technology, the team behind 8uddy boasts a successful background in web3 and AI asset management, pushing AI to its limits

8uddy is not just an electronic pet product: it is a platform for artificial intelligence generated meta pets. 8uddy utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to provide each user with a unique virtual companion. These virtual partners can engage in real-time conversations with users, developing unique personalities through continuous learning. 8uddy’s Meta Pets can remember user preferences, participate in daily activities, and play an important role in user life, providing true emotional companionship and interaction.

8uddy’s technological innovations combine the decentralized nature of Web3 with the intelligent interactive capabilities of AI. This integration not only enhances the sense of participation between the virtual and real worlds but also creates an unprecedented personalized experience for users. From a technical perspective, 8uddy leverages blockchain technology to ensure secure interactions and data transparency among users, while AI technology enables each Meta Pet to genuinely grow and respond to its owner.

Visually, 8uddy’s art style and production quality are exceptional in the industry. The virtual environments and character designs in the game are creative, vibrant, and expressive, offering users an immersive visual experience. This high-quality artistic expression, combined with advanced technology, makes 8uddy stand out in the market.

It is reported that the founding team is extremely formidable. They not only have successful experience in AI+Web3 projects but are also highly skilled in independent research and development. The R&D(Research and Development)team members are all from top companies and have over 10 years of industry experience. I have also operated projects totaling billions of dollars in the marketing field. The company’s management team has experience in managing billions of assets and mature resource integration. The founding team has also brought in blockchain industry experts, globally renowned AI specialists, and well-known game producers.

From initial personal profile pictures (PFP) to Telegram and Miniapp integrations, followed by comprehensive main applications, and onto DAO governance, 8uddy’s development roadmap is clear and visionary. Each step aims to deepen user engagement and progressively expand its influence in the digital world. In the future, 8uddy plans to go global, achieving true global brand influence and market share.

A comprehensive exploration of the 8uddy project’s features and gameplay reveals it as a product capable of revolutionizing industry perceptions.

Based on evaluations from users and entertainment institutions, 8uddy is a gamified AI+web3 project with immense potential, promising unique experiences for players and potentially bringing significant changes to the industry. Below is a detailed breakdown of the product’s features.

Core Features of 8uddy:

1. Market Trends and Data Support: Riding the wave of the rising popularity of Web3 and AI, 8uddy is at the forefront of this technological revolution. Data shows that user engagement and market demand for similar products are rapidly increasing.

2. Craftsmanship in Product Refinement: The core of the development team focuses on product design and implementation. The planning team is responsible for conceptualizing the product’s worldview, storyline, characters, rules, and gameplay mechanics. They must ensure the product is engaging, with a companion attribute that feels genuine, while balancing the difficulty of the gamified aspects of the meta pet as the protagonist. This allows new users to easily get started with the nurturing process, while experienced numerical players can discover deeper strategies and challenges.

Additionally, other key roles contribute to the project. For example, a renowned comedy team creates the product’s story and dialogues, ensuring the narrative is humorous and engaging. This keeps users continually surprised during their daily interactions with their meta pet, aligning with the metaverse’s worldview and relating to the real world. This is one of the main purposes behind the creation of 8uddy. “While social interactions are becoming increasingly diverse, people are spending more time behind electronic screens, leading to a growing sense of loneliness and a rising number of depression cases. Therefore, we are committed to developing a truly understanding AI companion product that can be accepted by humans. A Web3+AI project, a Meta Pet that closely mirrors real life and offers eternal companionship, is our greatest wish,” said Halfire CEO 22.

3. Product Development Progress and Maturity: The information obtained through editing can show the experience of the current test version. The data shows that the completion rate of 8uddy has reached a level that can be released, but the R&D team has not yet launched it externally. It is speculated that the details are still being polished, indicating that the team is very serious and cautious about the product.

8uddy is not just a companion virtual pet product; it is a comprehensive social and growth platform designed to captivate users with its unique gameplay and features, immersing them in a continuously evolving metaverse experience.

Features and Gameplay of 8uddy:

1. Robust Character Role-Playing System: The system offers users’ meta pets a rich career roadmap (jobs, adventures, arts/music, etc.), each with corresponding event maps. Players can immerse themselves in experiences that provide unparalleled joy and satisfaction compared to the real world.

2. Real-time Interactive Dialogue System: Utilizing advanced natural language processing technology, 8uddy can engage in smooth real-time conversations with users. It understands and responds to users’ emotions and needs, providing thoughtful companionship and an interactive experience.

3. Emotional Growth and Evolution: Over time, each 8uddy undergoes personalized growth based on interactions with users. This includes developing new interests, learning new skills, and even changing behaviors, ensuring that every user feels their Meta Pet is truly unique.

4. Social Features and 8uddyland Exploration: Players embark on a journey of exploration with 8uddy, traversing multiple dimensional spaces in the metaverse. It’s like opening a blind box, with scenes ranging from the vast universe to earthly paradises, mythical tales, and time-traveling adventures. Through this, players can interact with characters from different times and spaces, offering a social and entertainment experience completely distinct from real life.

Unique Experiences of the 8uddy Product:

1. Web3 Integration and Economic System: The team has spent 18 months continuously optimizing and iterating on 8uddy’s economic model. The aim is to create the most resilient and enduring revenue distribution system and asset reward gameplay in history, providing players with an ultimate P2E (Play-to-Earn) experience.

2. High Customizability: Users can deeply customize their 8uddy, not just in appearance but also in behavior patterns and conversational style. This level of customization ensures that each 8uddy reflects the personality and preferences of its owner.

3. High-Quality Graphics and Animation Standards: The game employs the latest graphics technology to present high-quality visual effects and smooth animations, making the virtual pets and their environments look realistic and captivating.

4. Global Community Support: 8uddy’s player base spans the globe, with the project supporting multi-language interfaces and global servers to ensure that players from diverse cultural backgrounds can enjoy the experience seamlessly.

Through these unique gameplay features and product characteristics, 8uddy offers users an immersive AI companionship experience platform. With ongoing technological advancements and a growing community, 8uddy is expected to become a leading AI companionship product in the web3 domain, providing users with an unprecedented immersive and thoughtful companionship experience.

Exclusive News: As the main app is not yet released, the team has launched an ultra-casual Miniapp featuring 8uddy on Telegram! The gameplay is simple, and the TG community activities are very rich. Without spending much time each day, you can earn thousands of points, which will secure future airdrops of PFPs and tokens! You can follow the official TG community, and type ‘/’ in the search box → play to experience it.

Step 1:

Players can see the hint word on 8uddy’s blackboard, but 8uddy itself cannot see it.

Step 2:

Players must provide a hint in less than 50 characters, with up to 8 attempts. If 8uddy guesses correctly on the first try, the linking point (i.e., intimacy) increases by 188. If 8uddy guesses correctly within three tries, the linking point increases by 88. Conversely, if 8uddy fails to guess correctly after three tries, one life is lost.

P.S. Whether 8uddy guesses correctly or not, one life is consumed for each attempt. Players have only 8 lives per day.

Unlock the Gateway to the AI+Web3 Gaming World: Join 8uddy for a New Value Journey

AI technology is advancing rapidly, yet we haven’t seen a breakthrough in application-level products that can cross boundaries. 8uddy represents a breakthrough in AI’s attempt to meet human emotional companionship needs and a close integration of AI and Web3 to cater to user demands. 8uddy aims to help every user find their true soulmate in the world of 8uddy, ensuring that no one behind the electronic screen feels lonely anymore.

Join the “TG Benefit Community” now! Participate in designated activities to receive airdrop qualifications! What are you waiting for?

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