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The influence of a blockchain on the level of safety and cost of a car


Since its inception, the blockchain technology has been incorporated into so many innovative ideas which are helping to solve key problems in the world. This subject has been discussed extensively on many social-economic and political platforms. The impact of having a decentralized operation can be widely seen through the various cryptocurrencies that are coming up. As more people gain knowledge about this technology and incorporate it into different ideas, it is clear that blockchain is more than just a system. At VinChain, the team is proud to be one of the leading startups that incorporate blockchain technology into increasing the safety of your car.

Technology and concept

Nowadays blockchain technology allows to create a single database with all the information about the car. If you get your car repaired at an official repair shop, this information will be available to an insurance company that can give you a cheaper insurance plan. This is because the official repair shop guarantees the authenticity and reliability of installed spare parts. This is what company VinChain is working on. VinChain is creating a worldwide blockchain registry of used vehicle information that is 100% transparent, reliable, and accessible by everyone. The blockchain will guarantee that any information regarding a vehicle has not been falsified, changed, or deleted.

Besides improving the revenue growth, our concept increases driving safety and reduces cost of maintenance. Repair shops, insurance companies, manufacturers and dealers can increase their top line by offering personalized and customized solutions to clients. Blockchain technology will provide the full safety while you drive. You will get in your car knowing all the details about it and you will be warned in advance about everything that can go wrong with it. Vehicle manufacturers will get transparency in warranty claim repairs, more granular inventory management, safer and more reliable cars, and fewer vehicle recalls.

All this will bring a positive impact on everyone’s life and VinChain is looking forward to be among the first ones who will bring this change.

Here at VinChain, we truly believe that automotive industry needs that positive change so we will be working to achieve that! With such information at your disposal, you will be able to make informed decisions concerning used car purchases, insurance claims and repairs. VinChain focuses on making this information available so that you don’t have to worry about scams. Join us today!

If you have any questions, you can contact the team through their Telegram Channel where you will get 24 hours support everyday. Also you will be able to talk to CEO and founders there and get all the info first handed.

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