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The 4th Q DAO sale is coming, together with the fall season!


The summer is almost over and that means that the next sale of Q DAO tokens will start very soon! It will be opened on the 1st of September, and it will feature two forms of crowdfunding: the Initial Exchange Offering on BTCNEXT exchange and the OTC sale. Both will be handled at the same time. There will be some changes comparing to the previous sales, so read further if you’re interested. 

First of all, let’s define what is still the same. What doesn’t change is the allocation: no more than a $1,000 worth of tokens for one person either via OTC desk or during IEO on BTCNEXT.  The amount of tokens sold via OTC is also the same as in the previous sales – 35,000 tokens, and they also will be sold with a discount in exchange for 20 months lock-up period. The amount of IEO tokens will be at 15,000 mark. 

Now let’s see what has been changed. This time they have decided not to conduct a lottery as a mandatory condition for participating in the token sale. This will allow everyone to take part in the IEO. However, don’t think it will be easy. In fact, it will be even harder to buy tokens than before, even without the lottery. But why?

The reason is simple – we’re taking the next steps in our expansion, and currently, we’re in talks with some large investor Japanese pools from Tokyo and Osaka and Korean pools from Busan. Every pool member is limited to $1000 as well as a single user.  Also, we’re fully compliant with the requirements of such funds as a16z Crypto and Polychain Capital, and we’re making some moves in this direction too. So, if we close the deal with some large investors, there could be a shortage of tokens for retail investors. The overall demand for Q DAO is very big, thus the round will be closed very fast. You still have all the chances – no lottery and the only restriction for the OTC desk and BTCNEXT where you can buy only a $1,000 worth of tokens.  

By participating in the token sale, you must remember, that it’s not about the tokens you’re investing in, it’s about the team, it’s about the products they’re developing. The Q DAO ecosystem still grows, and soon they’ll release new info about the latest developments, but they have enough to show already – just look at the USDQ and KRWQ stablecoins at BTCNEXT, which works flawlessly. 

“We’re proud that our ecosystem grows and more people are interested in the decentralized finances as an alternative to the existing fiat-backed stablecoins by centralized parties” – Anton Dzyatkovskii, the blockchain architect lead and сo-founder of Platinum Q DAO Engineering.

To summarize everything: the next sale starts on September 1st, and it usually lasts only for a few hours, so don’t miss it or it will be late. They’re not trying to make you feel FOMOed, it’s only a friendly notice for those who really want to participate. More details are to come later, so stay with them and follow the news!

About Platinum Q DAO Engineering

Platinum Q DAO Engineering is an international full-cycle company that provides IEO/STO listings, advisory, marketing, legal, and tech services. The company helped to raise more than 200 million USD for a great number of projects. Platinum Q DAO Engineering employs over 100 specialists who have extensive experience in marketing and PR, management, consulting, programming, cyber-security, education, legal advisory, and much more! The company’s mission is to make people’s lives better and facilitate economic growth by developing cutting-edge products that provide trustworthy, safe, and seamless access to any virtual assets.

The company has already issued two stablecoins: USDQ pegged to US dollar and KRWQ pegged to Korean Won. The team is going to launch even more fully backed stablecoins: JPYQ, SGDQ, HKDQ, and CNYQ under the Q DAO brand. Fully anonymous, the Q DAO ecosystem stablecoins limit out of this legacy world.Visit the website for the latest updates on USDQ, KRWQ, and JPYQ.  Join the official English, Japanese or Korean Telegram chat and get regular updates on events and development. You can also join the official Line and official Kakao Talk to ask questions in Japanese and Korean directly to the Platinum Q DAO management team.

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