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The international blockchain project creating a free decentralized worldwide Wi-Fi network has designed directional antennas that focus the Wi-Fi signal and are compatible with a wide range of Wi-Fi routers

World Wi-Fi — the company developing a blockchain platform that would integrate home routers and public hotspots around the world into a free global Wi-Fi network — has developed novel Wi-Fi router antennas and is sending them for free to any place in the world to anyone buying 1 Ether or 0.1 Bitcoin worth of World Wi-Fi’s tokens until May 18, 2018.

Built with the most cutting-edge technologies in the field, these antennas focus the Wi-Fi signal and guarantee the high-quality uniform Wi-Fi coverage of a given area.

The World Wi-Fi antennas are compact and equipped with different mounting structures making them equally suitable for using inside, for instance in offices as well for using outside, for instance for covering with Wi-Fi various surrounding structures and grounds like parking lots, playgrounds, nearby houses, etc.

“With our antennas, the router user will always be in a position to distribute a high-quality Wi-Fi signal wherever they need. It is worth noting that when developing these antennas we took into account everything that had been previously done in the world in the field of creating that type of devices, therefore we were able to build our own, unique design. Currently, the devices are undergoing some rigorous lab testing,” explains Valery Belousov, a radiophysics expert, head of World Wi-Fi’s radio network development division and its antenna building project.

World Wi-Fi is planning to offer the antennas to Internet access providers connected to the project’s network. The devices have garnered the attention of many providers, and partnership negotiations are already under way with some of them.

World Wi-Fi’s specialists are going to help providers by calculating optimum coverage zones in order to minimize the valid signal loss by focusing it on top-priority objects and territories. Currently, World Wi-Fi is in the process of filing a patent for the devices.

“The development of these antennas is a huge step in the direction of fulfilling World Wi-Fi’s global mission — creating a free worldwide internet network. The mass adoption of these devices would facilitate the introduction of the internet as widely as possible around the world,” says Ilya Yashin, CEO and co-founder at World Wi-Fi, Radius Wi-Fi, and Adrenta, a tech expert with 17 years of experience under his belt.

A logical manifestation of the company’s dedication to bringing Wi-Fi to as many places around the world as possible is its new campaign timed to coincide with the main stage of World Wi-Fi’s Token Sale. Each user buying 1 Ether or 0.1 Bitcoin worth of World Wi-Fi’s tokens until May 18, 2018 will receive one of the antennas for free — regardless of their geographical location. World Wi-Fi will send the antennas to a given address.

The main part of the Token Sale launches on April 18, 2018 and is scheduled to proceed until May 18. 60,000,000 WeTokens have been sold during the PRE-SALE which took place from December 1, 2017 to April 16, 2018 for a total amount of over 6 million dollars.

World Wi-Fi has already raised more than $6 million during the course of its pre-sale which started December 1, 2017 and is scheduled to proceed until April 16, 2018.

About World Wi-Fi

The World WiFi blockchain platform is being developed by the team behind Radius WiFi, a service that provides public WiFi networks’ owners with phone-number-based user identification software, and Adrenta, the first B2B aggregator of public WiFi hotspots in Russia.

World Wi-Fi is a blockchain platform designed to develop a worldwide decentralized free Wi-Fi network focused on integrating residential routers. The participants of the platform will be ordinary users, router owners, and advertisers. Ordinary users will have free internet access; router owners will get compensated by advertisers for the advertising viewed by their users; advertisers will be provided with data about the whole history of their ad campaigns including conversion statistics for all of the objects. World Wi-Fi is planning to monetize by charging a small ad fee. The rest of ad budgets will be automatically distributed between owners of access points through the use of blockchain. The World Wi-Fi’s headquarters is located in Singapore. To learn more about the vision and the structure of World Wi-Fi, please read the project’s White Paper and visit its website.

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