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SyncFab (MFG) Recaps its Q2 Achievements – OEM Parts Traceability Blockchain App and Supplier OEM Part RFQ Dashboard


Despite extraordinary disruptions of manufacturing supply chains around the globe due to the current pandemic, throughout the 2nd quarter SyncFab continued its rollout of new feature releases and updates addressing rapidly unfolding new challenges faced by manufacturing. 

In April, SyncFab announced its groundbreaking OEM Parts Traceability Blockchain Application.  The initiative was followed by the launch of a Supplier OEM Part RFQ Dashboard.

In May, SyncFab hosted the MOBI automotive blockchain consortium monthly innovation call. During this remotely held event, SyncFab CEO Jeremy Goodwin showcased the company’s use cases as primary focus areas for 2020. MOBI is a solution agnostic industry consortium with ongoing collaborative contributions with SyncFab and prospects for extended partnerships.     

Additionally, SyncFab launched a New Supplier Dashboard during Q2, which provided Machine Shops streamlined access to OEM Part RFQs for Medical, Aerospace and Automotive requests addressing essential business needs during the COVID19 pandemic along with OEM supply chain diversification requests expected to follow.

“We are definitely facing a historical point of disruption in the supply chain industry. Barely a day goes by without news of global industry supply Chains being disrupted. We will likely see the adoption of more predictive, responsive, secure supply chain models as a result,” said SyncFab founding CEO Jeremy Goodwin

The Supplier Dashboard update improves suppliers’ user experience to enhance their ability to bid on and receive more qualified jobs according to their capabilities, certifications, and availability. This new update focuses on improving supplier benefits, usability and performance feedback originally stemmed from insights gained through SyncFab’s partnership with the NTMA. 

Later this year, SyncFab is planning to offer Instructional Webinars, in partnership with the NTMA, illustrating step-by-step user access to essential business RFQs on the new Supplier Dashboard and how to qualify for MFG incentive rewards for RFQs.

With all the above initiatives, SyncFab continues to lead the industry for the development and application of commercial enterprise blockchain solutions for industrial manufacturing.

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