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Superorder Releases New Customized Crypto Trading Bots


API-based crypto trading terminal Superorder recently released their latest product on the crypto market. Their cryptocurrency trading bots were designed with algorithms based on real customized strategies made by experts and traders. It’s certainly a unique feature that helps the users increase their winning rates, without spending too much of their time.

Superorder developed the bots to improve automated crypto trading and simplify the process for their users.

At the moment, the trading terminal offers three types of crypto trading bots, and they can be bought on the Marketplace. Their costs defer based on the type of automated trading plan each user prefers.

  1. Trading bots for long trades: 0.01 BTC per month

  2. Trading bots for short trades: 0.009 BTC per month

  3. Trading bots for scalping: 0.015 BTC per month

As previously mentioned, Superorder’s trading bots were built based on customized strategies, and they offer various other features. Every bot includes comprehensive statistics that follow trading history and profitability. Their winning rates can potentially grow up to 83 percent, which makes them a profitable choice for cryptocurrency traders. Additionally, the users can access margin trading, with leverage from 5x to 25x.

Trading bots are widely used pieces of software that can make automated trades on behalf of the user, though different indicators and signals. Their simplicity and convenience help crypto traders to both save time and earn money.

The American-Ukrainian startup company Superorder is the developer of these new customized bots that will make crypto trading much easier for traders. Their terminal for automated trading allows users to combine orders and create trading strategies. Superorder currently is supported on Binance, Bittrex, and BitMEX.

If you want to know more about the company and their latest products, visit Superorder’s website, or follow Superorder on Twitter, Facebook, and Medium

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