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Supermoon Camp united during Bitcoin 2022 to discuss what “no one talks about”: how we can defend our financial freedom


This April saw the launch of Supermoon Camp Miami 2022, a five-day crypto pop-up event during Bitcoin 2022. Supermoon united crypto enthusiasts, influencers, and thought leaders at a private venue in South Beach for innovative collaborations, talks, and parties.

The Supermoon phenomenon is an exclusive community of blockchain innovators who are driving mass adoption of cryptocurrencies which was evident with 30 thousand people attending Bitcoin 2022 and the crypto community soaring in numbers worldwide.

Supermoon Camp gathered in the upcoming crypto hub Miami with 19 selected guests from across the globe, sharing their industry expertise through private interviews and events. Supermoon Camp Miami 2022 nurtured the crypto community further through our success and showcasing of innovative projects coming to the space, allowing more people to realize the enormity of the crypto world, and how wonderful the people that work in it are.

Guests and collaborators enjoyed stepping into the Supermoon Camp private boutique venue to discuss what “no one talks about”: how crypto grows more centralized and institutionalized, and how we can defend our financial freedom. 

A special thanks to our sponsors CCN; making global, distributed computing and storage power the fuel for the metaverse and available for everyone to access, use, and exchange. FlashBack.One; the leading gamified NFT platform for events and merchants. FAS; an international consulting ecosystem that helps blockchain businesses to launch and scale.

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