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Supermoon Camp and The Mansion On The Moon Are Getting Ready for Consensus in Austin, Are You?


Supermoon Camp presents its third crypto pop-up event in Austin, Texas this June 9th-13th. This time Supermoon team is hosting its exclusive event  “The Mansion On The Moon” which takes place on June 12th. Continuing the Supermoon Camp, twenty prominent crypto enthusiasts will meet in the Supermoon mansion for five days while attending DCentral and Consensus events and after-parties with the goal of building strong relationships and innovative projects.

The selected Supermoon Camp guests and members have secured access to exclusive private events and afterparties, VIP access to the “Mansion On The Moon” private mansion afterparty, and the opportunity to speak at Supermoon Station and co-publish an article with the Supermoon team at major crypto outlets.

The in-house Supermoon Camp production team will be livestreaming all Austin activities and interviews with leaders in the field and their upcoming projects in the web3 space. Diversifying our media this quarter, the Supermoon Camp podcast “Supermoon Station” will break down everything crypto during Consensus Week with a focus on decentralization, innovation, current events, and more.

As the Supermoon Camp community continues to grow so is the scale of Supermoon events, with the addition of our “Minimoon” private networking events gathering 300-400 influential people from the crypto space to create an environment for high-quality networking.

Computecoin Network has joined us as a Diamond Sponsor and the main sponsor of our first Minimoon event “The Mansion On The Moon”. Computecoin Network is A Web3 infrastructure with Web2-compatible APIs and end-to-end developer tools offering a seamless transition for developers into the Web3.0 and metaverse economy.

Supermoon Camp would like to thank our new sponsors,,, and FAS | Fintech Advisory Services who are joining us for our upcoming Austin camp.

To add to the excitement, Supermoon Camp has an exclusive membership NFT that will be announced this week with the first members to be announced at The Mansion On The Moon event in Austin, Texas.


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