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Starname Update: Starname Manager and Uniswap Listing


Starname is a service that combines the benefits of blockchain and the current social media identity paradigm. Starname is a decentralized platform developed by Paris-based IOV. The platform, which was launched on mainnet about a year ago, enables blockchain usernames and asset naming with multichain support and interoperability. Basically, it lets people bind social media accounts to their crypto addresses.

As Starname President Karim Ganem claims, they’ve been working on the product for the last 3 years. He believes the project might help people learn more about crypto and blockchain.

Starname Manager, which can be used to create a profile, allows users to receive any crypto asset on their Starname accounts so there is no need to use different assets. The name of the wallet and the name in the exchange is the same. This feature will prevent impersonation and users will be able to receive funds from such wallets as Ledger, Metamask, TrustWallet, Fiat. 

Starname has its own token named IOV Token. It was recently listed on Bilaxy and now is available on Uniswap – the largest exchange at the present time. Also, you can buy the token directly through Starname.

Starname CFO Benjamin Simatos says that the listing on Uniswap will provide greater liquidity and will bring more confidence in the product.

Starname is built on Cosmos SDK, and “all chains are resolved by Starname, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and others thanks to a partnership with the Universal Asset Registry group,” the company says.  Aleph is developing a link between the Starname and Ethereum that will be launched soon. Forbole, Ledger, Request Network, WalletConnect, Keplr are the other partners of the company.

Digital identity becomes more and more important for our daily lives, and services such as Starname could help build a powerful connection linking centralized providers of identity services and decentralized alternatives. Connecting easily recognizable names to crypto is the primary move in that direction.

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