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Stable Fund, MakerDAO and, ThorBot Quantified Robot successfully exerts market influence


To continue to survive in this digital currency trading market for a long time, having a complete trading system, including position skills, risk management, and technology systems, is the truth that many investors practice. ThorBot Quantitative Robot – A compliance quantitative trading platform focused on serving investors,  profitability is based on the control of risk, so that investors can operate soundly for safety. As it turns out, ThorBot Quantified Robots are increasingly becoming a quantitative trading platform trusted by new and old investors.

Safe and stable quantitative trading platform for all subsequent trading to lay a good foundation, with security and stability as a guarantee. ThorBot Quantitative robot trading tools can help investors in the volatile market, have clear guidance, to avoid trading blindly leading to a margin call. ThorBot Quantitative Robot helps users 24/7 hours non-stop fully automatic orders to buy and sell, in the price range, the robot can be based on the pre-set instructions for “buy low, sell high” operation, buy-in batches when falling, sell in batches when rising. Provide investors with zero thresholds, low-cost, efficient, and high-quality quantitative investment trading tools.

ThorBot Quantification Robot is an emerging digital currency trading software, funded by Stable Fund, MakerDAO, and is very different from other quantitative robots, ThorBot Quantified Robot is the first quantified robot in the network to obtain a U.S. MSB blockchain license. ThorBot Quantification Robots “reinvent and define digital currency trading” with quantitative trading, eliminating the need for experience and time-consuming eye-catching, making it easy for all investors to arbitrage in the blockchain market.

There are now a lot of quantitative robots on the internet, which are often very unreliable and may end up causing significant losses for investors, but ThorBot Quantified Robots are not. ThorBot Quantified Robots received $10 million investments from Stable Fund and MakerDAO. The team comes from an Internet product team of hundreds of millions of users, bringing together elite teams from world-renowned companies such as HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Tencent, Ali, and Cheetah Mobile. User funds are also traded on world-recognized and well-known exchanges such as Huobi and Binance, so safety is guaranteed. According to the ThorBot Quantification Robotics team, the current monthly turnover has exceeded $1 billion, so ThorBot Quantified Robot has a stable profit model.

ThorBot Quantification Robot platform has a great application experience. You can differentiate the difference between a good application and bad software very easily. ThorBot Quantification Robots don’t stop to provide value to users, then keep on innovating, making a good user experience, so that ordinary users can also use traditional institutions and large users can enjoy the advanced trading tools.

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