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Stability Shares Relaunched

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Stability Shares was launched to great fanfare on February 27th. The unique combination of limited supply, hyperbolic reward curve, and small pre-mine (.2%) for giveaways caught the eye of investors. The developer left two weeks after release, so members of the community had come together to re-launch this promising coin.



  • Currency symbol: XSS
  • Algorithm: Scrypt Proof of Work
  • Total amount of coins: 15,000,000 XSS
  • Block time: 90 seconds or 1.5 minutes
  • Total amount of blocks: 1,052,200, this will amount to 3 years.
  • Starting Block Reward: 100 XSS
  • Ending Block Reward: ~2.2 XSS
  • Transaction confirmation time: 6 blocks or ~9 minutes
  • Block maturity time: 100 blocks or ~2 hours
  • Kimoto Gravity Well for difficulty readjustment


stability shares

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